Jalen Cone of Virginia Tech plans to enter the transfer portal and explore ‘other options’, he says

Virginia Tech keeper Jalen Cone plans to enter the transfer portal, he told ESPN on Thursday.

Cone, the second meter of 10 feet and 10, was considered one of the top scorers in 3 points in the ACC.

“I just want to explore some other options that will put me in a better position to achieve my ultimate goal, and that is to be crafted,” Cone told ESPN. “I want to show my playing ability, be able to play and lead the team.”

A native of North Carolina, Cone averaged 9.2 points in 19.9 minutes this season, after averaging 8.0 points in 18.4 minutes as a freshman. He shot 45.7% from 3 last season, and 101 of his 125 shots during his two seasons with the Hockey were behind the 3-point line.

Cone had six games in December and January of this season, where he averaged 17.2 points and shot 43.3% behind the arc. But he suffered a foot injury that held him back and eventually made him miss the last month of the season. He said he was left without a boot and was walking in his usual shoes again.

“It was hard to run and jump when your foot wasn’t 100%,” Cone said. “It changed my abilities. People saw what I could do when I was 100%. My goal is to get back to 110% healthy so I can have a great year.”

Cone originally committed to Virginia Tech late in the process, after Mike Young left Wofford to replace Buzz Williams at Blacksburg.

Virginia Tech has already lost keeper Joe Bamisile on the transfer portal, while starting guard Wabissa Bede is older. The Hockey added Wofford’s transfer Storm Murphy, who was recruited by Young when he was with the Terriers and 2021 keeper Sean Pedulla.