iTunes Sale Sparks Fleetwood Mac, Bryan Adams and others on the Rock charts

Leading: “Dreams” Fleetwood Mac. Just a few months removed from its resurgence thanks to a viral TikTok video taken by Hot 100 No. 1 of 1977, “Dreams” returns to Hot Rock & Alternative Songs in 7th place, accelerated from its 694% increase to 11,000 sold, according to MRC data. The amount also puts the song in first place on Rock Digital Song sales for the seventh week in a row. Its placement of Hot Rock & Alternative Songs is also helped by 7.3 million US streams and 1.1 million radio audiences during the week of follow-up.

Of the 11 other entries, some are appearing for the first time on Hot Rock & Alternative Songs. Here is an overview of all 12.

Rank, title, contractor, total sales / profits:
Br. 7, “Dreams”, Fleetwood Mac (sold 11,000, increase 694%)
Br. 11, “Summer ’69.”, Bryan Adams (8,600, 2.215% growth)
Br. 13, “Simple Man”, Lynyrd Skynyrd (4,600, growth 667%)
Br. 14, “Iris”, Goo Goo dolls (5,500, growth 1.222%)
Br. 15, “Living in Prayer”, Bon Jovi (3,200, 328% growth)
Br. 17, “Free Fall”, Tom Petty (2,600, 510% increase)
Br. 19, “Landslide”, Fleetwood Mac (3,400, 339% increase)
Br. 20, “Zombie”, cranberries (7,200, growth 691%)
Br. 21, “Last Sanctuary”, Papa Roach (4,000, up 609%)
Br. 22, “Ghost in the Sky”, Norman Greenbaum (5,800 to 1,120%)
Br. 24, “Don’t (forget about me)”, Simple minds (3,200, 500% growth)
Br. 25, “Rockstar”, Nickelback (4,400, 590% growth)

Some of the above tracks also make up the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs sub-charts, with “Iris” leading the category in Hot Alternative Songs (No. 10), followed by “Zombie” (No. 13), “Last Resort” (not 14), “Don’t (forget about me)” (No. 16) and “Rockstar” (No. 17). On Hot Hard Rock Songs, “Livin ‘on a Prayer”, “Last Resort” and “Rockstar” rank 1-3, respectively, the former Bon Jovi as the first ruler on the list that began in June 2020.