“It was a night I regret.”

Kurt Angle has had several five-star matches during his legendary career. However, the one against Eddie Guerrero from the 2004 episode SmackDown is certainly not among his best.

The Olympic gold medalist faced Eddie Guerrero at the Lumberjack Match in the September 9, 2004 episode of SmackDown.

During the first issue of “Ask Kurt Anything” on AdFreeShows.com, Kurt Angle recalled competing against Guerrero that memorable night.

The WWE Hall of Famer revealed that Latino Heat had problems with his energy and that he would unfortunately get tired quickly during matches.

Kurt Angle said Eddie Guerrero played his lively character perfectly in front of the camera, but the former WWE champion was visibly fighting behind the scenes. Angle added that Guerrero’s heart was not pumping at an ideal pace, which led to difficulties in the ring.

“I never had a game I wish I could repeat, but it was one night with Eddie Guerrero, and that was probably a month before he passed away, maybe two months. Eddie had problems with his energy. It really drained him. His skin wasn’t toned in. It was white and he would walk like this behind the stage, and then when he came out in the ring, his entrance would be Eddie, you know, ‘Hey, it’s time for the show! “But when he was behind stage, he had a lot of energy problems and I don’t think his heart was pumping at the right pace, ”Kurt Angle said.

It wasn’t that Eddie Guerrero that night: Kurt Angle

Eddie Guerrero’s health was in poor condition and he ‘cracked’ during his Lumberjack match with Kurt Angle. The WWE Hall of Famer said the Latino Heat was not in physical shape that night and wished the match had never happened.

“Then one night, it was in Texas. I can’t remember what city I had a match with him in. It was a lumberjack match, and Eddie just broke down. At one point he was so, so, so unhealthy, I don’t want to not to say tired, just unhealthy, he grabbed the rope and wouldn’t let go, and I was trying to shoot him, I said, ‘Eddie, we have to go.’ He was like, ‘No, no, no!’ And I said, “Oh my God, shoot!” I didn’t know he had a heart problem.So that’s one match I’d ​​definitely want to take back, and that’s just because Eddie wasn’t able to fight at the time , “said Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle was grateful that the match was pre-recorded because it gave WWE little time to broadcast a clean and orderly version of the competition.

Although Kurt Angle considered Eddie Guerrera one of all the greats in the ring, he admitted that Latino Heat was not in the best of order that night.

“But no one knew about his heart problem. I mean, it came out of nowhere the day he passed away. So, you know, it was, thank God, the game was filmed. It was a SmackDown game and it was filmed before. So we did it. clean up before we aired it on UPN, I believe it did.But it was a night I regret, and I wanted to bring it back, because you know, Eddie has always been the greatest ring performer, one of the greatest I’ve ever been with was in the ring, and it wasn’t Eddie Guerrero that night, ”Angle said.

Eddie Guerrero passed away on November 13, 2005 due to acute heart failure. Guerrero was only 38 at the time of his death, but the cult former WWE champion has left a lasting legacy in the professional wrestling business.

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