‘It may take them 20 years to complete’ – Makinde talks about termination of Ibadan road contract

Seyi Makinde, the governor of Oya, explained why his administration terminated the agreement with a supplier dealing with the 32-kilometer ring road in Ibadan, the state capital.

In February, the state asked the contractor to leave the project site.

Citing the slow pace of work as the reason for the decision, the governor also said that he would return the financial obligation that the contractor had already spent on the project.

According to a statement from Taiwo Adisa, the governor’s chief press secretary on Wednesday, Makinde also promised that the road would be completed before May 28, 2023.

“We have terminated the initial arrangement. This is a path that we think will significantly change the economy of the state of Oyo. But the previous supplier, if we continued at their pace, might be able to finish in the next 20 years, ”Makinde said.

“Now we are asking them to make a joint assessment because we are not here to destroy anyone’s business. Of course, the money is spent and we must ensure that whatever is invested in this, we will compensate the damage to the previous supplier.

“So we appreciate what we need to do to ensure that this starts almost immediately and that it can then meet our goal.”

He also blamed the concession agreement initiated by the previous administration of the late Abiola Ajimobi, the former governor of Oya, adding that a new arrangement would be made to ensure state involvement.

“This part of 32 kilometers must be delivered within the first mandate of this administration. We will continue to give it in concession, because the previous management left one hundred percent to the concessionaire, which we considered a mistake “, it is stated in the statement.

“We will definitely have some form of Oyo State government participation with the new concessionaire. We will take a certain percentage for the state government and, in this way, the government is carried on at every step. “