‘Isco would help Arsenal as well as Wenger’s experience’ – Frimpong discusses needs at Emirates Stadium

The former Gunners midfielder wants to see passes in the upcoming windows and hopes Mikel Arteta will get time to fix things

Real Madrid playmaker Isco “would definitely help Arsenal,” says former Gunners midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong, while Arsene Wenger’s extensive experience could be useful at the Emirates Stadium if a decision is made to share with Mikel Artet.

Changes on and off the ground are being launched in north London amid struggles to establish any momentum in the period 2020-21.

Arsenal started the league season the worst from 1974-75, while another trip to the main silver items was ruled out after being knocked out of the Carabao Cup in the quarter-finals.

January will give the Gunners a chance to strengthen their ranks as another transition period opens, and Frimpong believes Isco could be a useful addition as he fights for regular time in Spain – although clogging the defensive leak is considered a top priority.

He graduated from the Arsenal Academy PlayOJO: “We need center forward and defender and midfielders.

“It is very important that we include some players, because I feel weak in defense. When teams attack us, we look vulnerable.

“We have had a problem for many years and we have not solved the situation. Quality signatures are the only thing that will help the team right now.

“Isco is a proven player, he won the Champions League and played for Spain and he could definitely help Arsenal, but the problem is not in attacking the players, but he needs help on defense.”

Frimpong added to the need for Arsenal to raise collective standards and the struggle that is currently being endured: “Everything is in the absence of competition in the team. The players are not good enough.

“When I was at Arsenal, there was something you could call mediocre players, even in clubs like Real Madrid you have such a structure, but the moment you watch an Arsenal team, who are the stars? There are no stars in the team. There’s no Arsenal player where you think I’m going to get off the couch and go watch this guy play and that’s the problem.

“The players just aren’t good enough for a club like Arsenal. Until we bring in new players, the club will continue to fight.

“The problem is not in the manager, but in the fact that some players are not good enough for a club like Arsenal.”

Although Frimpong wants to point the finger in guilt in the direction of the inferior players at the Emirates, Arteta faces embarrassing questions about his constant presence.

The chances of the Gunners turning to a familiar face, the one who spent 22 years in his dugout before they left in 2018, are unlikely, with the expectation that the Spanish tactician will get time to fix things.

Frimpong, however, said of the value of attracting Wenger: “I hope it will work out with Mikel, but I would bring Arsen back because of his experience.

“He has the ability to bring in very good players because he has respect and he would attract very good players.

“However, I don’t think Arsene has any intention of returning to Arsenal as a manager. We just need to move forward what we have, and that is Mikel and I believe he is good enough for the job. “