Is my time at Portia more players? Get it for free at the Epic Games – HITC store

Epic Games has donated a selection of free games to celebrate Christmas, and that generosity will end on December 31st. Inside is currently available for free until 16:00 GMT on December 25, where it is expected to be replaced by the darkest dungeon. While Darkest Dungeon is expected to be the next game thanks to a leaked roster that has been completely accurate so far, My Time at Portia is expected to be a major day at Boxing Day, resulting in people wondering: is My Time at Portia more players?

In addition to the supposedly upcoming Darkest Dungeon, other games included on the leaked list include fantastic experiences like Stranded Deep, Night in the Woods and Torchlight 11. And, as if that weren’t enough for them, an excellent Jurassic World Evolution is expected to top up 15 days of sharing.

While you can look forward to the near future, below you will discover if My Time on Portia is multiplayer.

Does My Time at Portia have more players?

My Time at Portia has no more players.

There are no more players available in My Time on Portia, but the developers of Pathea Games hope to include online gaming in their sequel.

As for the game, it’s painful for Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. You start a new life in the city after which the game is named, and your job is to help the locals rebuild the area.

You’ll know exactly what to expect if you’ve played Stardew Valley because you’ll have tasks with copious jobs like raising animals and growing crops.

And, just like Stardew Valley, romance can flourish thanks to the exchange of gifts which can lead to a date.

Again, multiplayer or co-op is not included, but the basic game is more than fun and fun for your loner.

How to get My Time at Portia for free in the Epic Games Store

On Boxing Day you could get My Time at Portia for free at the Epic Games store.

Provided Epic Games 15 days of free games leaked to the list remains true, My Time at Portia should be available on December 26 at 16:00 GMT.

Know that you will have time until the top hour of the next day to grab the game before replacing it.

If you enjoy games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon or just want to leave the sadness of reality behind, you won’t miss My Time at Portia.

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