Is Darkest Dungeon a multiplayer? Get free Epic Games for Christmas – HITC game

The Epic Games store shares a selection of free programs to celebrate Christmas, and the leaked list has accurately predicted all the titles so far. Although Inside is a free Epic Games program until 16:00 GMT on December 25, many people already assume that Darkest Dungeon is the free title of Epic Games on Christmas thanks to the precise list mentioned above. This has resulted in people asking if the darkest dungeon is multiplayer, and here you’ll find out if multiplayer is included in the game.

Although today you only have until 16:00 GMT to get the amazing Inside, know that other games that have leaked to the list include My Time at Portia and Torchlight II. It is said that Jurassic World Evolution is also the last free game included in the 15 days of free Epic Games games on December 31, so there is a lot to expect in the very near future.

But other than what’s yet to come in the coming days, below you’ll discover if there’s multiplayer in the seemingly upcoming Dark Dungeon.

Does Darkest Dungeon have multiplayer?

Yes, the darkest dungeon is and has more players.

Darkest Dungeon used to be a single player game, but now it has multiple players thanks to the free Butcher’s Circus DLC released in May 2020.

Available as a free download, this DLC adds an online PvP fight with teams of four heroes at Hamlet’s new location called The Butcher’s Circus.

Although multiplayer is available in the form of the free DLC mentioned above, know that the basic experience is for one player only and that is what has earned great reviews.

In Steam, the main game has an extremely positive reception, while Butcher’s Circus is mostly negative.

How to get the darkest dungeon in the Epic Games store for free

The darkest dungeon is expected to be free at the Epic Games on December 25.

It is expected to replace Inside, meaning Darkest Dungeon should be available for free download at the Epic Games store at 4pm GMT by the same time on Boxing Day.

Provided that the leaked list remains true, on Boxing Day at the said hour it should be replaced by My Time at Portia.

If you enjoy face-to-face fights, grotesque but stunning works of art, as well as challenges, you won’t want to miss Darkest Dungeon, especially since it will be free.

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