Iron Man and Namor tease Marvel’s next major threat

With Knull’s forces spreading across the country, Iron Man and Namor must make a difficult call that could threaten the Marvel Universe.

WARNING: Following is a spoiler for King In Black # 2 by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin and Clayton Cowles of the VC, which are now on sale.

The greatest threats to the security of the Marvel universe encompass all sorts of power, goals, and dangers. With one of the most powerful threats to all of creation, Knull, having finally reached Earth, it seems that it may be time for the two current enemies to unite – and free themselves. others a powerful evil to the world.

In The king in black # 2, Namor and Iron Man have just agreed to release the Black Tide to help fight Knull’s forces – but that could only create the next major threat to the Marvel universe.

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When Knull finally reached Earth The king in black, many of Marvel ‘s heroes have already fallen under its influence and expansion. Only a few personalities remain who can gather against Knull’s forces, even to the numerous current enemies of the Avengers and their allies. This includes Namor, who fought against the Avengers and set himself up as the main enemy of the current Avengers. Despite his recent conflicts with the surface world, the arrival of Knull and his symbiotic army forced the King of Atlantis to turn to his former allies in the Avengers for solutions. Unfortunately, that includes the release of one of Namor’s greatest weapons – the mysterious Black Tide.

When Iron Man finds out he knows about the Black Tide despite Namor’s attempt to hide their existence, Namor points out that it’s because the Black Tide is an incredibly dangerous element, and their re-closure will be incredibly difficult to achieve. But Iron Man replies that they really have no choice. If they want the world to fight the Black Tide at all, then they must overcome the army of symbiotes that Knull brought with him. This requires every army I can muster, including Namora forces. This teases how dangerous the mysterious Black Tides are. More information about Black Tide will be explained in the upcoming Name: King in black miniseries by Kurt Busiek, Ben Dewey and Jonas Scharf.

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The story focuses on Namor as a teenager before the events of World War II – and on how Namor, Lady Dorma and Attuma have to fight against invading the Black Tide. While this might explain their origins, it is noticeable that it woke them up The king in black still considers Namor the main threshold. Even with its current violent impulses, Namor believes the expulsion of the Black Tide will again be “hell” – hinting at how dangerous the Black Tide really is for the future of the Marvel universe. But Namor eventually agrees to the plan, diving to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and facing three mysterious figures in the waters.

On top of the dangerous threat, the Black Tide also seems to be more than capable of fighting through the blackness that Knull brought to Earth. It could be one way for Namor and the Avengers to repair the bridges that have been set on fire between them, with Namor having the opportunity to call on its former allies to the surface to help combat any threat posed by the Black Tide. But the question remains how deadly the black tides are and what could make Namor so careful with them to rid them of even something dangerous like Knull.

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