Iron Man 4 would have been better without Tony Stark

The MCU could still create Iron Man 4 – but to pay homage to Tony Stark’s legacy and show how his successors are coping with the aftermath of his death.

Iron Man 4 it may be more appropriate to say goodbye to Tony Stark without him playing the role of a hero. Stark’s death Avengers: Endgame was tragic for several reasons; his self-sacrifices, the family and friends he left behind, and the fact that it put an end to a character who could last for countless years at MCU solely on the basis of comics.

Although the role of Iron Man in MCU defined the entire Marvel franchise – and had a number of interesting story lines that along with them brought a sense of true character development – many were surprised to see him enter Endgame, despite the fact that his Iron Man film trilogy saw him pass through an arc that made it clear that he was willing to give his life to save the world and those inside. While it could be argued that many have not seen this death stem from sentimental reasons, there is also a practical one: there are a bunch of cult Iron Man comics that the MCU hasn’t touched that could be perfect for Iron Man 4. In fact, before that, it had been speculated for some time that Tony’s action would culminate in Armor wars adaptation – only to reveal instead that this comic will instead be used for a Disney + series starring War Machine.

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This triggers a strange but satisfying concept, however, that it can still exist Iron Man 4. In fact, it should exist Iron Man 4, because it makes more sense to dedicate a film to the consequences of Tony’s death and the subsequent impact he has not only on the MCU list but also on the world of Marvel – instead of showing it exclusively through things like Spider-Man: Far from homeThe plot revolves around an artificial intelligence named EDITH Tony leaves Peter in case of his death. While such moments should still be included, there is certainly much more to cover so that the loss of Iron Man could affect Marvel America and the future, and create space for this to be fully explored through a fourth film dedicated to the hero, perhaps in fact continue to be the best option.

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For example, even if many considered him a villain Captain America: The Civil War, it is undeniable that the film showed the audience that Tony served as a peacekeeper between the superhero community and the government, trying to balance the wishes and desires of both groups. While there was always something like a loose cannon, the general public always seemed to cheer for Stark, much like the audience. Combine this with the fact that he (along with the now also missing Captain America) led the Avengers themselves, and it’s clear that in the coming movies and shows a lot of things need to be established and changed to reduce the gap Stark left in the MCU.

Seeing this gap filled by figures like War Machine and new MCU hero Ironheart – and respecting the legacy of Iron Man – could be one of the most interesting parts of Phase 4. Although he would have Iron Man 4 without Iron Man is a strange term, it could also eventually serve as a convenient tribute.

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