Invite governors who incite violence to order – says Miyetti Allah to Bukhari

There are facts about how the former governor of the state of Osun and the current minister of the interior, Rauf Aregbesoli, were secretly paid the arrears of salary in the amount of 96 months before the end of his administration in 2018.

DAILY POST recalls that the former governor has on many occasions publicly boasted of sacrificing salaries over eight years of two terms as a result of his personal belief in inclusive governance.

However, DAILY POST authoritatively gathered that the former governor of the state of Osun, according to the expiration of his administration in 2018, ordered the Ministry of Finance, through the General Accountant, to pay his salaries for eight years in office, which amounts to several million Naira, which is paid into his personal account. DAILY MAIL cannot confirm the actual amount.

We remind you that Aregbesola also claimed on various occasions that he did not keep any personal account during his term.

But a very reliable source in the finance ministry, who longed for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the problem, said there was verifiable evidence to support the fact that the former Osun state helmsman received all the corresponding salaries earmarked for his office.

According to him, the former governor was paid 96-month salaries around October 2018.

“Although I cannot specify the exact amount of 96 months’ salary, what I can say is that it is several million naira, and the former governor was paid towards the end of his second term, sometime around October 2018,” the source said. .

Also, a high official in the office of the general accountant in the state confirmed the development of events, adding that the payment was shrouded in secrecy.

Meanwhile, a socio-political group in the country, Osun for Accountability, insulted Aregbesol for what it called a lack of transparency and fairness of the former governor, as it called on President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate the minister.

On behalf of the group, the state coordinator, Comrade Adediwura Ominrin, said the former governor’s actions were not fair to the person he claimed to have been during his 8-year term as governor, describing him as a “political obscureist”.

Omirin insisted that the former governor’s action denied the principles of progressive philosophy and the scope of good governance.

“It is now clear that the former governor, Rauf Aregbesola, was so deceptive during his term. He led a government of deception and double standards.

“It is punishable for a senior civil servant to say something openly and continue with other things, especially when it comes to finances. How could you delete the entire amount of 96 months of salary, claiming that you do not collect a single cent during your term, ” he said.

But in response, the minister’s media adviser, Sola Fasure, while talking to the DAILY LENT, insisted that the former governor had not collected any salary while in office.

He said, “As far as I know, Aregbesola did not collect any salary and he gave a reason for that. Aregbesola said the state provided the house, insurance, vehicle and everything he needed. “