Instagram adds easier access to people with eating disorders. Here’s what it’s all about – Edexlive

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Facebook’s photo-sharing platform Instagram adds resources to the social platform for people affected by eating disorders.

If users search for hashtags or content that is potentially related to an eating disorder, the company will refer that user to resources or helplines offered by the National Eating Disorders Association (or NEDA) in the United States, as well as others in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. .

This article contains some discussions of eating disorders. If you’re struggling with someone, you can contact NEDA’s support line, and if you’re worried about a family member, resources are available from the Empowering and Supporting Treatment for Eating Disorders organization, reports The Verge.

Instagram said it is currently trying to obscure potential driving content in search results and is directing people to generalized crisis support, but should now direct users to resources specifically designed for eating disorders.

In her blog, the photo-sharing platform also said it plans to show resources if someone is trying to share content related to eating disorders or “if a friend is worried about something they see posted and wants to provide support.”

As part of its national Eating Disorders Awareness Week program, the company said it plans to work with community leaders to publish reels that “encourage a positive body image, reject stigma with weight and harmful stereotypes, and show that all bodies are valuable. and they deserve to be celebrated. “

According to the announcement, this is the third time that Instagram is working on content for NEDA week.