Imo govt, Okorocha clash over the attack

By Chris Njoku, Damian Duruiheoma, Owerri; Kolade Adeyemi, Jos;

The government of the state of Imo yesterday accused former governor Rochas Okorochu of being behind Monday’s attack on the headquarters of the police command and the correctional center.

But the former governor called on Governor Hope Uzodimmu to stop politicizing security issues.

Okorocha, who represents the western Senate district of Imo, said Uzodimma should rather seek advice on how to deal with crime.

Imoa Information Commissioner Declan Emelumba claimed that the former governor hired thugs to whom he gave amnesty in order to initiate violence against the state.

He said the goal was to force the federal government to declare a state of emergency in Im.

Uzodimma on Wednesday, while speaking on Channels, blamed the injured politicians for the attacks, but did not name anyone.

Emelumba said Okorocha sponsored some young men from the north who called for a state of emergency in Im just hours after the attack.

He stated that the former governor wanted to return to Uzodimm because he insisted on the implementation of the White Paper accusing the senator of alleged robbery and land grabbing.

“Let us remind you that the man went to court to stop the commission from sitting. When that failed, he approached Governor Uzodimmi to disband the plates.

“When that failed, he resorted to violence to get back the property that the government had sealed. That is the motive for the attacks, “the commissioner said.

According to him, Monday’s attacks were organized to portray Uzodim as an incompetent governor.

Showing an alleged copy of a press release by young people from the north where they punished Uzodimma but praised Okorochu, Emelumba said it was not rocket science for people to know the person behind the attack.

He added that it was no coincidence that the former governor did not condemn the attacks.

“How come the former governor doesn’t condemn the attacks if not because it’s his idea?” the commissioner asked.

Emelumba said the government has information on how the former governor’s special adviser procured the thugs who attacked Owerri on Monday.

Stop politicizing the attacks, says Okorocha Uzodimmi

Okorocha, who spoke in the town of Jos, the capital of the plateau, when he was in Kuru on a condolence visit to the family of the late Ms. Falicia Kanen Biskanga, said that instead of Uzodimma facing the challenges of leadership, he preferred to blame politicians.

Okorocha called on Uzodinma to consult with stakeholders on how to improve Imo, instead of being in conflict.

According to him, despite the challenges posed by the banned indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) and other agitators during his tenure, he was able to keep the country peaceful because he was widely advised.

Okorocha said: “The recent attacks on the police headquarters and correctional center in the state of Imo, the constant cattle crises, the robbery, the endless Boko Haram, the kidnapping – all these are products of poverty and injustice.

“Although I call for peace and understanding, we, as leaders, have a duty to correct these ugly issues of injustice and poverty that plague the country.

“During my governor’s time, the state of Imo was very peaceful and those security issues and unrest were ongoing. We applied wisdom in the sense that we talked to traditional rulers, youth leaders, and made them see the reasons.

“That is the way to go, engaging them in issues, and not in the idea of ​​bringing the air force and the army as the first measure.

“Whoever says that politicians are involved is trying to politicize the whole thing. I don’t think that any healthy politician will go and ask young people to shoot at the police headquarters and all that.

“My message to him (Uzodimma) is that at this point he should face the challenge of leading and advising.

“If the governor consulted with me and said, ‘How did you deal with IPOB while there was peace in the state of Imo?’ How did you solve the kidnapping issue? How did you solve the agitator issue? ‘I would tell him.

“In my time, we collected more than 100 AK-47 rifles from young people who came to the exchange voluntarily just by talking to them. We must always understand that these children are ours.

“We are overloading the army and the police trying to help the situation when we have not dealt with the issues of injustice in this country and poverty.

“As long as they continue in the form and form in which they take place, and as long as the young men wake up in the morning and do not harass any system or poverty in the system, the armed forces can do little or nothing because it is a growing thing.

“Young men leave schools, they don’t get a job. We have to address those. ”

Armed assailants at another police station

Gunmen yesterday attacked the headquarters of the Mbieri police department in the Mbaitoli local government area in the state of Imo.

It was the third attack on a police station, followed 24 hours after another station in Ehime Mban was set on fire.

Armed men were said to have released the suspects who were in custody.

It was learned that one of the police officers, who returned the blow, was abducted, while two police officers received gunshot wounds. The missing officer returned later.

Gunmen also confiscated phones belonging to the suspects and police officers at the station.

A police source said: “We resisted them, but they overcame us. They had more sophisticated weapons.

“They took all the phones they saw, released the suspects when they got access and vandalized the police building.”

Police spokesman Orlando Ikeokwu confirmed the attack, the sixth since February. Other stations attacked were Obowo, Aboh Mbaise, Ihitte / Uboma, Isiala Mbano and Ehime Mbano.

The villagers disarm the fleeing suspect

Residents of the Nkwerre community in the Nkwerre local government area of ​​Imo state yesterday disarmed a prisoner on the run, Miracle Ajogu. They handed him over to the police.

The suspect was one of 600 detainees who escaped after armed assailants attacked a police headquarters.

The miracle took place because of the alleged murder of his father during the quarrel.

It was learned that the presence of the suspect created panic among the villagers who handed him over to the police.

The resident said: “Our people found out about his return and before we found out what was going on, he started moving with a gun. We had to disarm him and hand him over to the police. ”

A police source said: “We have once again captured one miracle Ayoga from Onus Nkwerre to Nkwerre LGA. He killed his father and then arrested him.

“He was among the suspects who fled the state criminal investigation department in Owerri on Monday when the blasphemers attacked the headquarters.

“The suspect was arrested again in his village where he fled. He was arrested by operatives from the Nkwerre Division Police Headquarters and he is cooperating. “

Police spokesman Orlando Ikeokwu confirmed the arrest again.