“If Neymar doesn’t return to Barca, it doesn’t matter”

Neymar left Camp Nou and went to PSG. But there are those in Barca who have not forgotten about him and reportedly wants the Brazilian back.

After Bartome resigned as president of Barca, the candidates used Neymar’s name as part of their projects.

Jordi Farre, for example, recently said it was working on bringing PSG players back. In an interview now given to ‘Marca’, he wanted to make it clear that he would, in any case, return one does not need to be one about the fundamental aspects his campaigns.

“I think the best players in the world always have to be in Barcelona and Neymar is among those. But if he doesn’t come back, it doesn’t matter. In the end, we strive 80% our players be out academy i 20% of them to be the best players in the world, ”he explained.

That’s what he said there is no point in talking about big signatures when we still don’t know who will be president: “What makes sense to talk about Haland, Neymar and Mbappe ...it’s true that I’ve talked to a lot of people because we have to be prepared, but I’m not going to call anyone in particular. “

In the end, he was talking about Messi. She hopes to persuade him to stay in Barcelona. “We’re trying to make Leo try to stay his whole life, offer him a winning project and let him stay here longer than the time he has left as a footballer. We need to create the Messi-Barca brand, for than an honorary president. Leo is ‘culé’, Barca needs him, we will offer him a project and make him happy again, something he is not at the moment “, he concluded.