If ‘Genshin Impact’ wasn’t Gacha, it could be better than ‘Breath of the Wild’

Although I may not compare a a certain video game to a certain dictator, I realize this is a hot bladder taking that I’m going to scream about. There are few sacred holy cows in video games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I dare to suggest a cell phone gacha could the game be just as good, if not better?

Yes, I still play Genshin Impact, and the more content is added to the game, the more I am impressed, i what frustrates me more is that the game is hampered by mobile devices like charging energy and gacha pulling, when it could be much more (but in reality much less cost effective).

That Genshin Impact was inspired by “Breath of the Wild” is no secret, and the creators have been open about it from the very beginning. But I sincerely believe that Genshin Impact has surpassed the Breath of the Wild in many ways, and had it not been for the torture of its mobile-powered elements and monetization, it might have been better.

The story

While Zelda and her mythology can burn into our brains at the moment, I just don’t think there’s any comparison to the story of these two games in which Genshin is full of rich, vibrant characters with elaborate individual story lines and a truly massive world. build as long as we play. The breath of wilderness, meanwhile, is at its core, another Zelda game. Gathering the same races against the same ultimate enemy with our same silent protagonist. I guess Zelda herself is a little more tidy this time around, but Genshin’s story and characters are interesting in a way that makes BotW feel like an afterthought.


I just don’t think there’s a comparison here either and I’m not just talking about basic elements like the fact that Genshin doesn’t have the durability of a weapon (although that’s certainly high on the list). Genshin’s combat system, which combines multiple interactions of elements with dozens of characters with different weapons and sets, switching between party members in flight, is ten times more involved and interesting than Link’s sword and shield fighting, occasionally interfering with arrows or bombs. In Genshin, getting the right team, overcoming your favorites, and then often rotating in fresh blood as new characters turn out, is extremely enjoyable, and yes, no durability of weapon means you can wander and explore and fight anything you want without take care of streamlining the fragile equipment in your backpack.

Puzzles and the world

Things are on a more even footing here. Breath of the Wild is a wonderful game, but so is Genshin (and so well achieved!). The breath of the wild had more diverse biomes, I guess, but Genshin is expanding over time and with this Dragonspire update we can see how the game will continue to evolve through the land mass, and there are five more major kingdoms based on different elements have yet to come.

As for the puzzles, yes, I think Zelda has the advantage here. Genshin cannot be compared to its dungeons or shrines in terms of their physics-based complexity. And again Genshin works they have a number of interesting puzzles, and small and larger world puzzles that may not be at the level of Zelda, but they’re not bad either, and it’s fun to find and understand them. So while Zelda wins in this category, it’s not that Genshin isn’t competing at all.

Gacha problem

Of course, Genshin Impact is ultimately hampered by a relentless focus on monetization, which could have taken his best assets and makes it the game’s biggest weakness in terms of gaming. In a normal RPG, you would lead an epic quest for a powerful sword or you would go through a story and eventually a new party member would join you. But Genshin dropped out everything this to your system gacha. When Albedo showed up yesterday as part of a new quest for Dragonspire, you know that if you beat him, you won’t simply introduce him to your team in the end. You will have to gamble the currency in the game for which it took you months to earn or spend not only tens, but potentially hundreds dollars to try to get it out of a slot machine, and even that is no guarantee.

This system discourages and frustrates many players who are not used to this genre. Add to that a resin system, which hardly limits the amount of upgrades you can do for your different characters, and you’ll find yourself with a team of maybe 4-6 useful people instead of 20+ that you might be able to play with if this system didn’t exist at all. And the only way to get around that is, of course, to pay.

Of course, the goal of every game is to make money, and Genshin is so heavily cashed in paid off in poor prices as the game is one of the most profitable in the world this year. And again in terms of what the game costs as game, that’s the problem and it’s insane to imagine what Genshin Impact is like could to be without these oppressive systems. And so, yes, that’s why in the end Breath of the Wild is a much better game, given that it’s freed from all of that, even if Genshin adopts it in a few different aspects.

I truly believe this is a great game that will be a major force in the industry for years to come. And if you dismiss it, you’ll overlook one of the biggest stories and new IP addresses of the year. Don’t make that mistake.

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