Icarus Gameplay Stream reveals Best of Rust & Valheim

The first game recordings of the upcoming survival game, Icarus, marry the best ideas of Valheim and Rust, but also push the genre further.

Expected survival game Icarus showed a bit of gameplay in a recent livestream to create hype for the game. The game comes from the studios of RocketWerkz and Dean Hall, the creator of the hugely popular survival game DayZ, was first released last year with a gameplay trailer. However, since then there has been little information about what the game is like Icarus it will look.

Icarus takes place on an alien planet and depicts a player who must survive a world in which human terraforming has gone wrong. This world was the subject of a “no rescue” trailer in the mockumentary style that exposed some of the knowledge Icarus. The game, which is charged as an open-world PvE game for session-based survival, has missions that will become available for a certain amount of real time, ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. After the session expires, the mission will no longer be available for completion, so players will have to stay on their feet to collect rewards. These awards can be used to make everything from technology to shelters. The game can play up to eight players in a team.

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Building on what was revealed in the announcement, the live broadcast on SurviveIcarus ’Twitch went deeper into playing the craft and survival. Players land in a barren world and must use tools to harvest materials, using them to make weapons, building blocks, chests, and other material. This allows players to raise the level and increase their statistics such as health, endurance and strength. Players must collect material for everything from food to oxygen, which can be “created” by picking up certain minerals. But the biggest enemy in Icarus is the environment, because events such as fire, storms and lightning strikes can change the environment and harm the player.

In the development discussion, RocketWerkz discussed how important it is to try to push through the envelope when it comes to the survival genre. On several occasions, developers have discussed comparisons with survival games Rust i Valheimmaterial collection loop. But the developers emphasized that the loop of harvesting and making is not limited only to what players create on the planet, but also to what they can harvest in the time between drops. Managing stocks at a world station to have room for the “exotic” that players can trade for better tools to be used during the next crash will be critical. These crashes will be a certain amount of time players can spend building and building Icarus before they need to return to orbit, but dying causes the player to miss the shuttle and lose everything they have collected.

The game setup has a very similar look to games DayZ, which is to be expected, but the way of playing looks very similar Valheim (and, in fact, the developers kicked out the Viking game during the presentation). Players can not only cooperatively participate in building and collecting materials, but the setting is an uninhabited planet where players must build from the ground up. However, environmental threats are much more similar to games like Rust where there are no big bosses to fight, but a lot of smaller threats to be aware of. In addition, the base station has a similar mechanic from Compounds Rust, where players can trade and use materials they have taken from the surface of the planet. This constant rotation between the cell and the planet provides Icarus with something most survival games don’t have: a sense of urgency.

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Source: SurviveIcarus / Twitch

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