I will not owe any Imo worker or pensioner the right, says Uzodinma

I will not owe any Imo worker or pensioner the right, says Uzodinma

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State said no worker or retiree in the state or local civil service will be owed salaries, pensions or rights during the governor’s term.

He said that he has a covenant with God that will sincerely serve the people of the state of Imo and that he will be committed to the promise during his mandate.

Governor Uzodimma repeated this during his first Christmas Mass at his home church, the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Omum, in the Oru East local government area.

He recalled the events that brought him into politics, the competition for governor of the state of Imo and the re-assumption of office in the Supreme Court, noting that “the people of Omuma have many reasons to be thankful to God for creating one of their governors. countries. “

Governor Uzodimma said his desire to govern Imo was based on “God’s will”, insisting that he never embarked on anything without first seeking God’s direction, the reason he managed to overcome the challenges he faced when taking over functions January 15, 2020.

The governor revealed that contrary to popular perception, he found that the Imo state problem was more in the civil service system than in politicians, regretting that mass corruption was the order of the day in the Imo state civil service when he took office.

He said that although his predecessor, the Emeka Ihedioha administration, noticed anomalies plaguing the system and tried to carry out some checks, their efforts did not yield good results until his administration embarked and embarked on full automation of state payments.

The governor of Uzodimma said that relying on automation, 43,000 workers and 21,000 pensioners in the state of Imo have been paid salaries and pensions to date.

He claimed that those who are not paid are those who have problems with accurate bio-data or those who receive double salaries or pensions and that is why the automation system puts them on request.

He challenged those who claim they owe access to the data center with their pension identification number and relevant details to reveal their status and make payments if they have no problems.

The governor also promised to publish in the newspaper by January 2, 2020 details of all Imo workers and retirees who have gone through the automation process and have received their rights to date, so those who still doubt will know how serious government is with automation.

He claimed that he came for the good of the people of Imotski, regardless of party affiliation, emphasizing that, although he is the governor of the government led by the APC, he presides over the affairs of all people from Imotski, regardless of the party’s preferences.

He therefore called on the citizens of Imo to pray for the state and assured them that light is on the horizon and that there are better days for the state.

Earlier in his sermon, the pastor of the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity, Omum, Rev. Ernest Chike Dike mentioned that Christmas is the season of celebrating God’s light addressed to people who live in darkness through Jesus Christ, his son.

“The light has come to a world that has been in darkness until now. When you call on Jesus, the darkness in your life will disappear, ”he said.

The governor was joined at the mass by some members of the Extended Executive Council of the state, close friends and associates.

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