I said COVID-19 should not end in a mistake, says Apostle Suleman – Punch Newspapers

Segun Adewole

Omega International Fire Ministries International’s supervisor, Apostle Johnson Suleman, said his statement that COVID-19 must not stop because it was progressing was a mistake that slipped from his mouth.

The priest gave a statement as seen in the viral video, adding that he bought his third private plane during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, “In COVID (the pandemic) I bought a jet; third. I have three. I prayed that COVID-19 would not end because I was resting. As people complained, my wife asked, ‘Can life be so sweet?’ Am I talking to anyone here?

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The statement drew criticism from Nigerians who expressed their dissatisfaction on social media platforms.

Addressing the reaction that followed the statement, the priest, holding a sermon to the congregation, said the video was edited by a fellow pastor who posted it against him.

“There is a video that is in trend about me. It was published by the pastor against me. It was a program I had in Abuja and I was trying to explain something about COVID-19. When they told me to pray that COVID-19 would not end, I said ‘me? I didn’t say that. ‘

“When they brought the video, I discovered that it had slipped out of my mouth. There is no pastor who will pray that Covid does not finish. That doesn’t make sense.

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“I talked about what was happening around Covid, how families stayed together, how families reunited, how some people even made money during that process. I was trying to support that and it slipped out of my mouth. I couldn’t pray that Covid didn’t finish, no pastor would do that. But he (the pastor) accepted that mistake, edited some part and blew it out, ”he said.

Apostle Suleman further reacted to the discontent that followed his claim to have three private jets.

“If you are angry, I mentioned three planes, you will simply die. That is true, “he said.

He said that when he built schools, a prison, a federal road, provided transformers and paid some members of his church on salaries, no one talked about it.

“Then you’re angry that I mentioned the jets, never bother. If you can’t praise me, then you can’t condemn me.

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“Because of Covid, I regretted the way it came out … It’s not that we were happy that people were dying. It is insensitive. “

Speaking further about his planes, he said, “God will only be angry with me if I take an offer and a tithe to buy a plane. But if I have the opportunity to be blessed by God, what is your job? Are you short of money? ”