I Rule discovers why the “happy” supergroup with DMX and JAY-Z failed

I Rule, JAY-Z and DMX cemented their names on the New York rap scene with their advanced solo careers, but the trio also had the potential to succeed as a supergroup. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, rapper “Mesmerize” talked about Irv Gotti’s attempts to create a group and the reasons why it all fell apart before they were able to complete the entire project.

According to Pain is love star, Gotti tried to bring the band members together without talking, but at the same time it was easier said than done by DMX and JAY-Z – who had previously quarreled in the early ’90s – in the studio.

“No one really was – JAY and X fucking, you couldn’t put them in the same room!” he said. “I was not fucked. I was a new artist, I was just going out, so I was honored to be able to date these guys, but for me it was different because I had known them for so long. I knew them before they were and it was like, ‘Okay, I rhyme with my partners. My friends. ‘”

Envoy “Livin It Up” expressed that Gotti was determined to make things work and eventually found a way to fine-tune the album with the trio. He said, “Irv kind of just doubled on shit like, ‘I’ve got JAY on this album, I’m going to sneak in and let X get on the record, and then,’ Yo, Rule. ‘It was that kind of shit. So ,, XXL blanket, that shit came the same way. “

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the CEO of Murder Inc., the group saw their downfall before they could record a full-length project together – a failure that Rule actually thinks has developed in his favor.

“I’m thinking about it now and I’m about,” heck, was a short man on that totem, so if I did, it would be my career, ”he began.“ Everyone would always talk about how I got into it, and everyone a hit shot I would make after that would be, “Well, that’s because … you know, he’s part of Murder Inc. How did he not blow after that?” I was kind of happy to be able to make my bones, and then yes they wanted to go back and do it and put it together, it would be a drug. “