I resisted the pressure to leave the PDP for APC, Wike says

The Governor of the State of Rijeka, Nyesom Wike,

Davidson Iriekpen

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike revealed yesterday that he has resisted many appeals from some parts to leave the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the Congress of All Progressives (APC). Wike, in a statement signed by his special media aide Kelvin Ebiri, said he refused to give in to the pressure because he is a man of character. The governor spoke when he led the governor of the state of Abia, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazua, to open the main road of Orabule Adiele, Rumuolumeni, formerly known as Aker-Base Road in the Romanian community of Obio / Akpor, local government, river state area. Wike said it was unthinkable to leave the PDP, which he described as a party that “still holds the promise of good leadership for the country and remains the only hope for Nigerians who are also waiting to vote for it in 2023.”

Wike said he refused to remain silent over alleged injustices and the incompetence of the ruling APC over the need to boost Nigerians ’confidence in the PDP.

He said: “The PDP is the party that Nigerians want. Despite all the intimidation, it will fail. We are character people. When we say something, we stick to what we said, not out of a monetary interest.

“If I were such a governor, I know how many times people tried to flatter us, we said no. We can’t court. We are here. We started with the PDP, and we will end with the PDP.

“We do not have any other political party to join, because the fate of this country, the hope of Nigerians, depends exclusively on our party. That is why when we talk about our foreigner, we are not talking about any selfish interest. But Nigerians need to continue to be given the hope that Nigeria awaits.

“So when something goes wrong, we shout. Everyone hopes that in 2023 the PDP should take over the empire of power in this country. Rivers State is already insured for PDP. ”

The governor insulted Senator James Akpanudoedehe, the national secretary of the APC Transitional Committee, describing him as a political prostitute, who lacks the character to speak on national issues without subjecting it to monetary interests.

He said: “The National Secretary of the Interim Committee of the Congress of All Progressives (APC) said that I play galleries and that I respect the truth economically. That, after all, the federal government is fighting insecurity and that they have given us salvation

“Rescue money is not free money. We return the money. But even if they gave us free money, does that mean that if something goes wrong, I shouldn’t talk? “

According to the governor, “We agree that there is a problem in the country. Even the governors agreed that they face security challenges. Yes, you are overwhelmed by security challenges, but whose responsibility it is to improve security in this country.

· “The National Secretary of the APC was a lifelong candidate for governor. He has no character; yesterday he was Tinubu, today he is with the Minister of Transport because he wants to be governor.

· “Such characters cannot talk to people like us because we have character. A man without character does not have what it takes. I can’t jump from one place to another simply because you want to be governor in every way.

· “Ask him where he voted in 2019. He voted for the PDP. Let him keep his mouth shut before I tell APC what he did. Such people should not talk to us. “

· Wike renamed Aker-Base Road the head of Orabula Adiele in honor of the famous son of the Rumuolumeni community and said he would continue to develop infrastructure in the area because of their support for his governorship.

· The governor also announced that the Nkpor-Mgbuosimini road has been awarded by the construction company Lubrick and that works will begin in 2021.

· Opening the way, Ikpeazu described Wike as a brand, an icon and a symbol of all good and a blessing for Nigeria.

· He said that the use of concrete pavements in road construction is best for topography and urged people to use the road well and carefully.

· River State Commissioner for Works Hon. Elloka Tasie-Amadi said that the poor condition of the road hindered movement and frustrated trade, but that the respite came to residents and companies operating in the area.