How to watch Soul online: upload a new Pixar movie to Disney Plus today

There’s one last movie of the year to watch, and it’s now released in the form of Pixar’s latest animated epic, Soul. Praised after the initial screenings at the beginning of the year, it is planned for a wide cinematic release in the fall – but we all know what it cost in the end. Fortunately, the magic of VOD streaming means you can enjoy it right now, comfortably from your home. Read how we explain how to watch Soul online and broadcast a new Pixar movie starring Jamie Foxx with Disney Plus.

As with most Disney Plus VOD crashes, you can expect Soul to come out around 12:00 PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT on December 25 – so you should be ready and wait to watch it as soon as you wake up on Christmas!

How to Watch Soul Online |

Pixar’s latest hit Soul has been released globally for VOD streaming exclusively at Disney Plus. Yes, Disney Plus is a subscription service – but it’s pretty cheap and it’s pretty great. Disney Plus costs just $ 6.99 / $ 5.99 / $ 8.99 per month, so not much more than the price of one rental movie online