How to watch Ms. Brown’s Boys 2020 Christmas specials from anywhere

Since 2012, Brendan O’Carroll’s beloved sitcom has been delivering two Christmas specialties a year: becoming traditional like turkey, the Queen’s speech, and the post-lunch delay. Now Agnes Brown is back with a tiny mouth as an Irish matriarch and mother of five, bringing us the joy and happiness we desperately need after this damn 2020. Our guide below explains how to watch Mrs. Brown’s Boys I’s Christmas actions from anywhere and in full. FREE.

In past episodes, Ms. Brown has unobstructedly occupied the Birth (including the Baby Jesus with rocket propulsion) and rode on a Christmas tree with a bronze-like remote control. And while new special actions are taking place in the background of the coronavirus, don’t expect Brown’s pranks to be less rude.

Watch Mrs. Brown’s Christmas Boy online

The Christmas episode of “Mammy of the People” will air on BBC One at 10 pm on Friday, December 25, followed by “Mammy’s Memories”, a week later, at the same time on January 1, 2021. If you then received a BBC iPlayer you can watch both episodes 100% FREE, or on request soon after – cheers! – but keep in mind that you should watch a valid TV license to watch BBC programs. Do you spend your holidays abroad? You can still catch Ms. Brown’s debauched antics by downloading a VPN.