How to watch Call the Midwife Christmas Special 2020 for free online or from anywhere

Only a few things are guaranteed in life. Fortunately, one of them is a special invitation for the midwife every December 25th! Sisters Julienne and Monica Joan return, as do nurses Crane and Beatrix, in a 90-minute episode that embodies the spirit of rest. Here we will explain how to watch Call the Midwife Christmas Special 2020 online from anywhere in the world – including FREE in the UK and US!

Although they honestly portray life in East London in the 1960s, Christmas specials are never less than heartfelt. Last year’s episode, in which communities up and down helped Reggie (Daniel Laurie) break the Guinness World Record for the longest Christmas paper chain, sparked tears and cheering alike.

Watch Call the Midwife Christmas Special for free online

Call the Midwife Christmas Special will air at 7.40pm on Christmas Day on BBC One and will last approximately 90 minutes. If you would rather watch it online, you can do so live or on demand via BBC iPlayer. COMPLETELY FREE TO USE IN THE UK (but you should have a valid TV license). Do you spend your holidays abroad? With the help of a good VPN, you can still participate in the charitable encouragement of the house of Nonnatus, no matter where you are.