How to use the Pinterest toolbar to stay organized

There is another reason we use Pinterest for people who like to stay organized: the toolbar function.

The dashboard toolbar adds another level of organization to an online platform that puts your ideas and interests in the right places.

Here’s what you need to know about how Pinterest’s on-board toolbar can further help you organize your ideas.

How to use the Pinterest dashboard

You may have a better way of stacking pins rather than chronologically – for example by color or price.

Now, instead of keeping your pins stuck in the order in which you hooked them, you can rearrange them to your liking.

To access the Pinterest toolbar from the desktop and rearrange the pins of your panel, scroll to the panel you want to edit by clicking the profile icon in the upper right corner and selecting the panel.

4_ _How_to_use_Pinterest_board_toolbar

You can pull your pins around to organize them however you want.

Emma Witman / Business Insider

Select “Organize” below the board name and its participants. Then simply click, drag and drop to rearrange.

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Touch and hold the pin to pull it to a new location.

Emma Witman / Business Insider

In the Pinterest mobile app for iOS and Android, scroll to the panel you want to rearrange, tap Organize, and then drag and drop the needles in the order you want using the touch screen.

Add to-do lists to your toolbar on the Pinterest dashboard

You can use the Pinterest toolbar to add to-do lists to notes on boards.

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Pinterest relies on its project manager function with a to-do list function.

Emma Witman / Business Insider

To-do lists have a check box feature that you will check as you drop tasks from your list.

To create a to-do list, scroll to the panel and select “Notes”.

On iOS devices, you will not see the “Notes” option, but “Note to self”. You can tap it or tap the “+” icon and then “Note” to create a note.

Finally, after entering the note, tap the checkbox icon to create a to-do list.

The “More Ideas” feature helps you find more pins

Lastly, the Pinterest dashboard toolbar ensures that you will never lack inspiration by finding related pins for you with “More Ideas”.

To see the “More Ideas” feature, scroll to the panel where you’re looking for extra inspiration.

Below the name of the board and its participants you will find “More Ideas”.

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The “More Ideas” feature predicts your taste and suggests pins to add to the board.

Emma Witman / Business Insider