How to set up an Apple tablet for the first time

Although setting up an iPad for the first time is easy, there are a few steps and users may want to transfer iOS or Android data as well.

Apple Most tablets are recognized as the best and easiest to use, but a few steps are involved in setting up an iPad. Each step gives opportunities to the owner and understanding what it means means the process will be quick and stress free.

Apple currently sells five sizes of its popular iPad tablet, from the smallest iPad mini that has an 8-inch screen to the largest, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Approximately every third tablet used worldwide is an iPad. These well-made and reliable devices are fast enough to compete with many laptops, but many still use them only for games and movies. However, using an iPad requires a little tweaking before you use them for the first time.

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Apple has made it easier to set up the iPad, with on-screen instructions that guide the user to choose from several options. However, knowing the options in advance and their meaning will speed up the process. Holding down the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen starts the setup. The first choice is language, and the iPad has been supported for over 40 years. After selecting the language, the Quick Start option follows. This is useful for those who own an iPhone or other iPad. Bringing the two devices together will present the option of using iCloud, a backup of your computer, iPhone, or other iPad to transfer data, apps, and settings to the new device. The iPad can also be set up manually, which is nice if it serves another purpose. The user may not want iPhone apps on the iPad, for example.

Manual iPad setup

Apple iPad Air 4

If Quick Start for iPad is not selected, iPad can be set manually. The iPad will ask the owner to choose a Wi-Fi network, but if the iPad has mobile capability, it can also be set up over a mobile network instead of Wi-Fi. If the iPad has a Face ID or TouchID, this will be the next step. The on-screen instructions will guide the user to position the face to enable FaceID or tap the sensor to enable TouchID. Each iPad has password options to choose from as well. This is a four to six digit code that can contain numbers, letters and symbols. These authentication options can be skipped if the user wants a faster start. Once the wireless network is set up and authentication is complete or skipped, it’s time to transfer apps and data from iCloud, PC, phone or tablet. This can be an Apple or Android device, although some Android apps may not be found in the App Store and will not be installed on the iPad. The iPad will guide the user through the transfer. This step can also be skipped to shorten the setup time.

Login required with an existing or new Apple ID. Creating an Apple ID is the same procedure used to register an email account, and in fact an iCloud email account is created automatically. Setting up Siri is quick and easy, it takes a few phrases to say them out loud, but this step is not mandatory. The display time options allow you to configure the device for a child or adult, with special protections and restrictions that are possible with devices intended for children. The on-screen instructions will guide the owner through the election. Several display settings will appear to complete the setup process. Each setting can be changed later, so skipping choices during setup is fine for those who just want to dive.

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