How to send a file to participants after they submit your Google form

Google Gift Forms! How to submit a file attachment such as a PDF book or MP3 music to form respondents after completing a quiz or survey and submitting your Google form.

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Once someone fills out your Google form, you may want to send a file or two to the form responder. For example:

  1. The school teacher can send a Word document containing a copy of the answers to the students who have completed the quiz.
  2. The musician can send her latest song in an MP3 file to users who have completed a site survey built on Google Forms.
  3. The author can send a preview copy of her upcoming book in PDF format to fans who have subscribed to her newsletter.
  4. The online store can send its catalog PDF to customers who have ordered through Google forms.

Demo – Submit files using Google Forms

Open this Google form, enter your email address, and click the Submit button. Check your inbox and you should immediately find a PDF copy of our famous collection of 101 useful websites.

How to attach files to form an email

The Email Notifications plugin for Google Forms allows you to send custom email addresses to form respondents after receiving a new entry. The same notification can also be customized to include one or more file attachments that are downloaded from your Google Drive and sent as an auto-reply email attachment.

Add the file to Google Drive

  1. Go to Google Drive and upload any file you want to submit using Google Forms.
  2. Change the sharing settings on the file so that it is available to everyone who has the link. You cannot attach private files to form an email.
  3. Right-click the file on Google Drive and select Get Link to copy the full URL of the file to the clipboard.

Attachments to files on Google Drive

Configure Google Forms

  1. Go to your Google form and create a new email policy.
  2. Check it out Notify Form Submitter and select the form field where you are looking for the form submitter’s email address.
  3. Go to the Attach Files section and paste the URL of the Google Drive file you copied in the previous step.

Save the rule to activate it. Submit a new form and when new users submit the form, they will automatically receive a copy of your attached file.

Submit the file attachment

PS: You can use this workflow to send files in any format, including PDF, images, audio, video, GIFs, PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents. The file size should be less than 5 MB. Also, it is not possible to attach native Google file formats such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Google Presentations.