How to quickly execute Fortnite Legendary Quest “Do damage from above”

Fortnite this time has a host of new challenges, along with several legendary challenges.

The latter offers a large amount of XP upon completion, but they have different levels that players must meet. And since they are a bit dirty in nature, almost all the legendary challenges have activated party help.

Complete the “Inflict Damage From Above” challenge quickly in Fortnite

To quickly complete this challenge, players must break into Hydro 16. The dam is not a popular spot among players because there is not enough booty there. So it’s definitely a place to land. Ruckus can be patrolled inside the building, and sometimes even outside.

The bonus about Ruckus is that this NPC has a lot of HP. Climbing stairs or construction platforms to climb above it, and then landing hits to perform it, will help you perform this task efficiently. If the players are in the party, tearing down Ruckus is faster and faster.

Ruckus has about 800 hp, so meeting all levels of this challenge in Fortnite using this method could cause players to land about 25 times in this particular area to take down Ruckus.

If players are doing this legendary quest in Fortnite for fun, then it is necessary to have players who can quickly build and increase their height.

These legendary missions make things easier at Fortnite. Players would previously struggle to grind through a combat pass to get the required XP to advance through the levels.

However, with Season 5, the amount of XP these challenges offer can help players zoom in on the battlefield at any time. They also get XP for a long enough survival in the match. Combining with XP making money from these challenges in Fortnite makes XP grinding much easier for everyone.

Posted December 25, 2020, 5:36 PM IST