How to Maximize Return on Investment in Microsoft 365

We all know Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. They have the was the core Microsoft’s Office platform as much as most of us remember. How Microsoft switched to subscription based products with Microsoft 365, their product offering has expanded significantly.

The key to maximizing your investment is understanding what you’re purchase and what the product can in fact. Beinhim a partner who can help customers through the process is an integral part this investment.

Become a partner

You’ll I want to to become Microsoft Partner u the Silver level or higher. Partners must be competent with Microsoft products at these levels. They can also directly open support issues with Microsoft, if needed ever has them problem.

Partners should have certifications for specific products or have a technical trainer on staff to help you manage the employee experience. That experience will adoption assistance and assistance in achieving increased return on investment.

Understanding the subscription / license

Microsoft subscriptions are extremely diverse. Depending on the type of business customers could qualify for nonprofit or free licenses for state licenses or anything in between. Definitely explore these options if you think customers can be qualified as obtaining starticulated correct Microsoft 365 account or rent,, is important because it is not mostly easy or cost effective for change later.

You should make sure that this is done correctly from the very beginning to avoid overpaying or storing data that needs special attention where it is not received.

Define your goals

You I need to take a moment to think about what goals customer to wants achieve with Microsoft 365. They can be as simple as movement data into the cloud to create more mobile staff. Many are significantly more involved and involving external suppliers, increased productivity metrics and aggregate cost-saving applications. A good partner can help shape goals, help define them, and ensure customers they can operate them safely, securely and without data loss. Don’t forget to include a data backup plan in these goals.

Adopting and managing change

As integrator, your tone and attitude towards adoption 365 project will drive its success. Buyer Fr.wners,, managers,, and leaders will need it project winner i be part of the training as well as use the products for others to do so. You can help make it easier.

It will also need to be understood that for most there is a real paradigm shift in thinking from old to prem Ohffice for cloud versions. That shifts of need be succeeded over time through training let the staff go to become accustomed the new 365 and introduce them to new components.

Take advantage of OneDrive and SharePoint

When the organization adopted teams, they are ready to start using OneDrive and SharePoint. Data can be synchronized with the cloud in the background as you they increase reduce to cloud usage. Teams will present the idea of ​​storing files in team channels.

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Users will adopt ideas about file sharing and security around it, as well as the different ways I can now access my data. Depending on the devices customers use in their an organization that they will determine can be fully mobile using phones, tablets and laptop.


365 provides some security and compliance features built into the subscription. The use of an MFA paired with the Microsoft Authenticator application is required helps keep alternatingcounts from violations. Exchange Ohnline Threat Protection reduces spam, malware, and known email threats.

Rounding built-in controls are standardized security and privacy controls, customizable security groups and permissions, as well as password policies for users.

Additional security controls are available in some licenses. They help control more sophisticated threats, including zero day email threats and for PC. Policies can be established about how company data can be copied or moved and to which application, email archiving and managing mobile devices with InTune.

Mobile device management

Some licenses come with Microsoft YesnTune. InTune gives you control of working phones and tablets iOS or Android. This allows you to remotely delete, configure and deploy applications to any device registered to the platform. It also ensures that devices are up to date, including them don’t become a safety nightmare.

As an organization, it adopts Microsoft 365, users will begin to identify areas of business that can be improved using applications and integrations. Integrators can help strategize to choose the right applications to use and formalize the process by training staff on some of less known applicationor applications that are not so intuitive to the user.

Help customers understand that this change can bring a return on investment that goes far beyond the app and platform itself.

Dawn R. Sizer is the CEO of Company 3rd Element Consulting, Inc. He has been a member of the ASCII group since 2018.