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Toy Day has come to the transition of animals, and with it a variety of festive DIY recipes that can be used to make furniture – many of which need decorations.

In fact, the arrival of Jingle reindeer makes the decorations especially important because they are necessary for making items that will help him in gifting Toy Day. Jingle will ask you to make three red ornaments, three blue ornaments and three gold ornaments.

Fortunately, getting these decorations is very easy if you know where to look for them, and they are plentiful for all your Christmas needs.

How to get decorations in animal crossings

To get decorations during Toy Day at the Animal Crossing, find a decorated pine or cedar tree and shake it. Ornaments will fall from the tree and can be collected.

These decorations will be a random selection of red, blue and gold colors, each of which is needed in different quantities for Toy Day recipes. Up to thirty decorations can fit in each inventory opening, which means you can have supplies while they are available.

There is no limit to the number of decorations you acquire on the tree and you can shake until you get all the decorations you need. Despite that, the ornaments will fall in a 3 × 5 cone around the tree, and after all the available places on the floor are filled, no more decorations will fall until you collect them to make space.

All DIY recipes that require decorations

In addition to coming in handy on Toy Day, decorations can be used to transport animals to make DIY furniture.

These articles and their ingredients are as follows:

  • Large festive tree: 6x red ornament, 6x blue ornament, 6x gold ornament, 5x wood, 5x clay
  • Festive rug: 5x red ornament, 5x blue ornament, 5x gold ornament
  • Ceremonial set: 2x gold ornament, 1x hardwood
  • Festive tree: 3x red ornament, 3x blue ornament, 2x gold ornament, 5x wood
  • Holiday candle: 5x red ornament, 5x cluster of weeds
  • Jingle Wall: 5x red ornament, 5x blue ornament, 5x gold ornament, 5x clay
  • Mobile ornament: 1x red ornament, 1x blue ornament, 1x gold ornament, 4x tree branch
  • Wreath for decoration: 6x blue ornament, 2x gold ornament
  • Festive tree: 5x gold ornament, 2x clay, 3x tree branch
  • Formal wrapping paper: 1x gold ornament, 1x blue ornament, 1x red ornament

To complete a few of these animal crossbreeding recipes, in addition to decorations, you’ll also need a healthy supply of iron nuggets.

  • Illuminated present: 3x red ornament, 4x gold ornament, 3x iron nugget
  • Illuminated reindeer: 6x gold ornament, 5x iron nugget
  • Illuminated snowflakes: 9x blue decoration, 3x iron nugget
  • Illuminated tree: 6x gold ornament, 8x blue ornament, 8x red ornament, 6x iron nugget

Recipes for these items can be found in the usual way, in the current balloons that hover over the game card or from Isabella at the beginning of each day. Jingle reindeer will also provide the player with a recipe for a festive wrapper on Toy Day itself, which is Christmas Eve.

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