How mods work in Outrider

Mods are one of the many aspects that allow for so much variety of Outreaders. Regardless of equipment or class, every player in the game will want to experiment with different modes.

In general, mods are just one branch of the build system within Outride. They can serve as passive skills on equipment that allow for more custom design. Some passive skills will even change abilities in Outrider classes.

The mod mode in Outriders is quite easy to use. There are three levels to look out for. First level modes are only class specific. Level 2 modes can be used by all classes in Outriders, and there are no restrictions. Level 3 hybrid modes are both, which means that they are class-specific and have advantages for the whole class.

In order to create a mode on a set of equipment, Outriders players must learn a certain mode. To do this, players must deconstruct either their weapons or their armor. This gives players the ability to use the given mode during creation in the future. The quality of the deconstructed equipment will also determine the quality or level of modification used to make it.

The legendary gear is the only gear in Outrider that has specific modes. Players must use the given legendary equipment to use the mode at all.

Modes can also be changed at speed. However, once a player changes the weapon or armor mode, the second slot cannot be changed. This means that Outriders players should use mods wisely when they can.

How creation in Outrider works other than mods

Making in Outriders is based on improving or upgrading equipment, not on making something new. Mods are just one aspect of this system that allows for customization and diversity building.

A lot of the time players will have to upgrade the rarity of weapons along with statistics or passive elements. The gears can only be upgraded to epic quality and must be found Legendary. However, all equipment can be upgraded to some extent, even if it is just statistics.

Different replacements are also something that can be changed on the weapon, which will change the way it will work completely. For example, something that is automatic can be changed to semi-automatic with more firepower behind it.

Regardless of the attempts of working players, a lot of material will be needed in Outriders.

Posted April 8, 2021, 6:37 AM IST