How five men kidnapped, hacked, put in the okadaman, a passenger because of the ritual of money – the police

Written by Bose Adelaja

Five people are currently in the police network after the murder of a housewife and a commercial motorcyclist popularly called “Okada rider” in the state of Ogun.

The victims – 45-year-old housewife Memunat Akinda and motorcyclist Ibikunle Ajose – have reportedly disappeared since October 1.

Memnat, who was engaged in the fish trade, left her house in the Idoleyin area of ​​the Ado-Odo Ota local government area to a nearby market to procure fish, and she arranged for a motorcyclist to take her to the said market.

Surprisingly, both have never returned home since and this prompted the woman’s wife to file a complaint at the Ado-Odo ward headquarters where the case was formally recorded.

The case was later transferred to the Kidnapping Unit of the State Crime and Intelligence Department on the orders of CP Police Commissioner Edward Awolowo Ajogun, who gave the team an appropriate order to unravel the mystery of the two’s disappearance as soon as possible.

The then team launched an intelligence-based investigation and their efforts paid off when one of the suspects, Okediran Monsuru, was found near Badagry and imprisoned.

His arrest led to the arrest of three others, namely: Ajaobe on Monday, Akewusole Wajud and Nupo Pone.

The four of them admitted that they worked for the infamous plunder of the country, which they simply identified as “Lebo”.

They said they diverted both victims along the road in the village of Abisoye, where they abducted them to an unfinished building in a bushy area, tied them in both arms and legs and later called their principal by phone informing him they had managed to get two victims.

They further admitted that, when the said Lebo came, he ordered them to slaughter two victims.

The trio of Okediran Monsuru, Ajaoba Monday and Akewusola Wajud held the victims while Nupo Pona slaughtered them with a cloak.

After they were killed, a fifth suspect, Dasu Sunday, who is a herberlist, was called, and upon his arrival, the two victims were cut to pieces and drowned in a bag brought by the herberlist who took the parts to make money. ritual.

The woman’s head was found in the herberlist shrine. The five suspects, Okediran Monsuru, Ajaoba Monday, Akewusola Wajud, Nupo Pona and Dasu Sunday, are all in police custody ‘, while a chase is launched for Leb.

CP Police Commissioner Edward Awolowo Ajogun, who praised the investigative team for their determination and resilience to bringing the culprits, ordered the arrested suspects to be indicted in court without further delay, while the remaining ones will be searched and hunted.

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