How awkward Joe Giudice’s dinner with Teresa and Luis was

The real housewives from New Jersey, alum Joe Giudice, guessed how “awkward” it was to have dinner with Teresa and her new boyfriend Luis Ruelas.

Teresa Giudice from Real housewives from New Jersey he recently had dinner with Joe Giudice and her boyfriend Luis, and Joe described the blended family dinner as “Inconvenient.” Dinner took place in the Bahamas and was attended by four daughters Teresa and Joe. Teresa and Joe have found new partners since the 2019 divorce. Even though Teresa and Joe are friends, Joe is still getting used to their new situation.

In the videos shared by Gia and Milania Giudice, to which fans reacted via the internet, Joe and Luis can be seen smiling as they sit across from each other. Joe was sitting between his eldest daughter Gia and youngest daughter Audriana, while Luis was sitting next to Teresa. It was the first time they had seen a reunited family together. Joe was in training in the Bahamas ahead of his celebrity boxing match. After his release from prison, he was deported to Italy. This means that he can only see his daughters when they come to visit him. Since the divorce in December 2019, Joe has moved in with Italian lawyer Daniel Fittipaldi. He teased that love on social media. Daniela met his daughters.

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During a recent appearance on Watch what happens live, Teresa explained how the combined family dinner came about. Luis actually suggested going to the Bahamas to meet Joe. “They were talking on the phone and Luis wanted to go to the Bahamas and meet him, which I considered the most amazing thing ever,” Teresa said. She added, “He said he just wanted to talk to him and let him know he wasn’t trying to take his place or anything.” She shared that her beauty just wanted to meet Joe. “since we have daughters.“It is a big step for Teresa and Luis, who confirmed their love last November. Luis, a single father of two sons, could be her couple forever, as they seem to have been inseparable since they started dating.


Luis will make his show debut in the second half of the current season. After meeting his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Joe said so Us Weekly how “inconvenient“The experience was for him. “You can all imagine how I felt when they entered the room,“Joe admitted. “It was embarrassing to see my ex after a lifetime along with someone else.” He shared how the former couple agreed to remain good friends because of their daughters. “Teresa and I decided to be honest and stay friends with each other for girls,Said Joe. He continued, “Parenting should always be focused on giving your children the best outcomes in every situation. “

When it comes to Joe and Teresa introducing their children to new spouses, Joe (who praised his new girlfriend) says that “they deserve us all to be happy and our children will thank us for it. “ He also expressed support for Teresa and Luis. “I’m really happy for both Teresa and Luis and I wish them all the best,“he added. With many years Real housewives from New Jersey fans who see the ugly last days of marriage, it’s nice to see a happy place where the former couple was a co-parent.

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Source: Us Weekly

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