Hot Wheels released: first video about the game

Italian developer Milestone and toy maker Mattel have unveiled the first official videos Hot wheels released, which should be released later this year.

Hot wheels released takes you into the tiny world of toy cars and will see players race on the most famous machines from the model line on fantasy race tracks, made of that classic orange plastic. As you might expect, this is an arcade-oriented title with a fairly new look, but the new video allows us to see the game in action for the first time.

As you’ll notice throughout the clip, the gameplay was made before the alpha version, so part of what you see here may not end up in the last game, but it gives a good impression of what you can expect. The two-minute video features several cinematic content, but mainly focuses on three racing sequences:

The final game will feature 40 circuit schedules on the first day, set in six different environments – as the footage suggests, this is a Garage environment. Like the iconic orange trail, the circles can communicate with the surroundings, and the cars move into the air conditioning ducts in the video above. If 40 circuits isn’t enough, there’s also a record editor in the game, so you can create your own, just like the real thing.

You’ll also spot boost pads and acceleration zones in a classic arcade style, along with jumps, ramps and the famous Hot Wheels loops. The trails also seem to have their own interactive obstacles, as you may notice when a spider prop shoots at an AI car network. There’s also a boost system, which complements as you perform stunts like jumping and drifting, allowing you to rush for extra speed.

Milestone has also confirmed that there will be more than 60 cars in play when it arrives on Sept. 30. Six have already been revealed, which you’ll see in the clip above: Dragon Blaster, Night Shifter, Rip Rod, Rodger Dodger, Sharkruiser and Twin Mill. The others will arrive later, with a scheduled paid DLC.

Hot wheels released will be available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, Nintendo Switch and PC way Steam and Epic, September 30th.

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