Horizon Zero Dawn is now free for PS5 and PS4 owners

(Pocket-lint) – Horizon Zero Dawn has made a breakthrough from the PS4 generation – a brand new intellectual property that has won people over with its adorable world and mostly rewarding combat, and Sony ensures that more people have a chance to play it now.

The game is the latest addition to its ongoing Play At Home initiative that allows people to work during continuous locking, and is now free for all PS4 and PS5 system owners. This means you can add it to your library and download it completely free.

However, this will only be for a limited time – the window runs from 19 April at 20:00 PT (or 20 April 04:00 BST) to 14 May at 20:00 PT (or 15 May 04:00 BST) ). Be sure to get it for as long as you can, as this is one of the most impressive games of recent years.

Even better, the version offered is the Complete Edition, which includes a significant and well-received Frozen Wastes expansion pack, so you’ll get even more content for free when you use it.

Its sequel is also coming, because fans of the first game of Horizon Forbidden West are looking forward to it – you can see the attachment of this game below.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.