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Following the recent attacks on Yewa communities, a multitude of Ogun natives have moved to the Republic of Benin, DAILY POST reports.

In recent days, there have been cases of attacks on people suspected of being shepherds in the local government areas of Yewa North and Imeko Afon.

In Imek, DAILY POST reported that gunmen slaughtered farmer Dele Olowoniyi, who attacked the village of Oha at night.

A few days after that, it was claimed that about six people were killed in the Owode Ketu area of ​​northern Yewa North when attackers attacked the community overnight.

After that, several other Yewe residents were reportedly killed, many houses burned down, while the number of people, including children, has not yet been determined, they have suffered varying degrees of injuries.

Last week on Monday, Governor Dapo Abiodun visited Yew to sympathize with the victims. But when he was in Owode Ket and other places visited, some suspicious herders abducted Mrs. Ajoke Ishola and later dumped her lifeless body behind Obasanj’s farm in Igbo-Ori.

It was a similar scenario the day Abiodun sent a delegation to the area. The delegation had barely returned to the state capital of Abeokuta when Agbon Ojodu’s men were visited by suspected killers.

Earlier before the recent assassinations, the DAILY POST recalls that there were lamentations from traditional rulers in the area. Obas sent a petition to the state government, police and army, complaining that some soldiers were leading cattle breeders to their villages, whipping everyone who tried to stop them from grazing on agricultural land.

But due to the government’s alleged failure to take action, the cries of the monarch and residents of the area caught the attention of popular Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyem Igboho, who visited the state to displace Pastor Fulani in Igua.

During a visit to Igboho on Sunday, houses belonging to the Fulani and Kara markets in Igua set fire to some barbarians, who allegedly took advantage of the development.

Some analysts believe the recent incidents were retaliatory attacks launched by some Fulani herders to avenge the burning of their homes.

In an attempt to stop the killings and other security challenges in the area, Governor Abiodun held a meeting with four northern governors and Rotimi Akeredolu from the state of Ondo.

Also, Abiodun visited President Muhammad Buhari on Friday to present him with a report on the Ogun crises, saying relative peace has returned to problem areas.

For him, the killers in the state of Ogun are robbers who rustle cattle, noting that people could not distinguish the peaceful cattle breeders of Fulani from the robbers.

However, another group of people was abducted on Saturday around 4am along the Ayetoro-Abeokuta road.

According to police, one of the kidnappers arrested was a Fulani man.

Today, many residents of northern Yewa have become refugees in the Republic of Benin.

“When we are not sure of our security in the state of Ogun. We have to move to the nearby Republic of Benin, “a resident of the area told DAILY POST.

It was gathered that five refugees were born in a camp assigned to them by the Government of the Republic of Benin.

The findings of our correspondent confirmed that many villages in northern Yewa had been abandoned for fear of a new invasion by those Lords of Abiodun called the “cattle rustlers.”

On Sunday, when the peace committee took food items to the area, it was learned there were no recipients.

Commenting on the matter, Eselu of Iselu, Oba Akintunde Akinyemi, said residents were not on the ground to get rice, noodles and other items from government officials.

Both Akinyemi explained that people preferred to be slaves in the Benin Republic than to return home to kill them.

“It’s a terrible situation; there is no one around. They left their homes, schools and everywhere. Palliatives are in Tati; we can’t go for them because we are still looking for who to give them to, ”Oba said.

According to the traditional ruler, some residents have said they will not return to Nigeria until there is maximum security.

DAILY MAIL gathered that the government has deployed a working group of security agents to the western state of the state of Ogun in order to prevent any further attack on the villages.

Ogun West shares a multitude of entries with the Republic of Benin through Imek Athos, Ipokia and Yewa North.

Indigenous people from the Senate district constantly claim to be marginalized because they are the only zone that has not created a governor since Ogun was created 45 years ago.