“He’s the greatest wrestler of all time.”

The latest edition of “The Kurt Angle Show” featured a special “Ask Kurt Anything” session with Olympic gold medalist and host Conrad Thompson on AdFreeShows.com.

Kurt Angle answered a wide range of questions, and even revealed who he considered the greatest performer of all time in the ring.

It’s no secret that Kurt Angle is a mass fan of Bret Hart and the Olympic hero who named Hitman the best wrestler he’s seen in his career.

Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit placed high on Kurt Angle’s list of workers working in the ring, and the WWE Hall of Famer also spoke about the role of Ric Flair among the greatest greats.

“It’s Bret Hart because I believe he’s the greatest wrestler of all time. I believe there’s no one better for his performance in the ring. I’d say Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit are close, even me, but I’m still putting Bret up. Don’t get me wrong. misunderstand, ”Angle said.

He was different in his technique: Kurt Angle on the work of Ric Flair

Kurt Angle firmly believed that Ric Flair also deserved to be at the very top, as Nature Boy was a technically correct wrestler who improved the psychology of his wrestling matches.

Kurt Angle noted that Ric Flair was much more than a wrestler, as the double WWE Hall of Famer was a fun entertainer.

Despite Ric Flair’s cult contribution to the work, Kurt Angle still held the view that Brett Hart was the most prominent in-ring technician in wrestling history.

“And Ric Flair has to be up there because he’s a man and his technique was far superior, but he did, you know, do a lot of things, Ric was a great wrestler who could help people get interested in match psychology, but he was and very entertaining.He took a lot of crazy bounces from Ric Flair.Buck in front, kick from the top of the rope.You know, it was nice, you knew what he was going to do and you wanted to do it.So he was different in his technique.Bret hart is just the best overall technician I have ever seen in my life, ”Angle explained.

Do you agree with Kurt Angle’s statement that Bret Hart is a GOAT in terms of pure in-ring skill?

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Posted April 22, 2021, 3:02 PM IST