Here are all the free ‘Xbox Gold Games’ for January 2021

Microsoft unveiled the next series of free Xbox games with a golden landing in January 2021.

It’s fun to write: 2021. 2020 was ridiculously awful for almost everyone, it would be nice to at least start the new year with a little hope.

Rebellions are built on hope.

Either way, there are two Xbox One games, the Xbox 360 and the OG Xbox games (the former are backward compatible on the Xbox One and will all be played on your Xbox Series X).

Here’s what’s on offer next month:

Xbox One

  • Small Nightmares ($ 19.99 ERP): Available January 1-31
  • Dead Rising (ERP of $ 19.99): Available from January 16 to February 15

Xbox 360

  • King of Fighters XIII ($ 29.99 ERP): Available January 1-15


  • Analysis ($ 9.99 ERP): Available January 16-31

I’m looking forward to it Little nightmares, a game that somehow I still manage not to play after all these years despite the rave reviews and the cool creepy / sweet atmosphere it exudes.

Here is a description of each of these games, courtesy of Microsoft:

Little nightmares

Help your Sixth character survive Maw: a massive and mysterious vessel in which corrupt souls live and want to create your next meal. Connect with your inner childhood and unleash your imagination to escape the horrors inside and find salvation.

Dead Rising

In this remastered version of the original game, survive a meat-hungry undead mob at the Willamette Mall using the full range of weapons at your disposal. As photojournalist Frank West, you’ll have 72 hours to fight the zombie horde and discover the reason for the outbreak.

King of Fighters XIII

An upgraded version of the original arcade classic, use its Hyper Drive power meter to release devastating strikes and combinations. Don’t miss this last chapter of “Ash Sage,” full of rage and betrayal, which ends here.


Trapped in a mysterious laboratory and unable to remember his past, Derrick Cole must fight using his newly discovered extraordinary powers. Combining hand-to-hand combat, state-of-the-art weapons and an intense line of stories, they begin an exciting and uncertain search for truth in this first-person action-adventure title.

The interesting thing about this line is, of course, that there are no Xbox Series X games at all. That’s because there. . . they’re not really any Xbox Series X games. But there aren’t even multi-platform titles on this list.

This is in stark contrast to Sony. They give away in December Worms Rumble, PS4 / PS5 cross-platform title. They were kicked out in November Bugsnax which, though not very well, is at least a PS5 game.

The question arises when will we see the actual Xbox Series X game, released as free for Xbox Games With Gold? But that question rests on a bigger one: when will Microsoft start releasing next-generation content?

I hope it will drastically change course Hello Infinite and just play that game on the Xbox Series X | S and PC, instead of spending resources on the last generation and find yourself in Cyberpunk 2077 situation. I’d rather have a scary, graphically spectacular one Hello than something like the game they showed in the revealing trailer, even if it means more delays.

See you in 2021, folks.