Heads of Services: The Civil Rights Group writes NASS, composition of errors

… Wants NASS to prevail in Bukhara to review the composition, including the Southeast

… In the new security management

… He says Ohaneze Ndigbo’s stance on a review that reflects a federal character must be treated

By Joseph Erunke, ABUJA

A group of civil rights advocates concerned about national unity, peacebuilding and the protection of human rights wrote an open letter to the National Assembly with injustice over the composition of the heads of President Muhammad Buhari’s new services.

To this end, a group sponsored by the Conference of Defenders of Civil Rights of Nigeria (CNCRD), in its letter, appealed to the legislature to request a review of the composition from the President to reflect existing national principles of a federal character.

It was explicitly said that the exemption of Igbos, which it noted was the third largest ethnic group in the country from the security management team for the second time during this administration, leaves much to be desired, hence the need to correct alleged injustices before scrutiny by lawmakers.

In a letter dated Monday, 15 February 2021, entitled: “Open letter to the National Assembly on the screening of new service heads”, the Conference of Nigerian Civil Rights Defenders expressed full support for the Igbo apex position of the socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo, , saying that her position is fairness and fairness.

In a letter signed by the national coordinator dr. Hassan Muhammad and National Secretary Barr. (Mrs.) Ibinabo Pere Jaja,

called on the “National Assembly, as the representative of the people, to prevail over the President to correct this gross injustice by reconsidering the appointments in the interests of justice and national unity.”

The letter read in part: “We are a coalition of civil society organizations whose thematic area is mainly related to national unity, peacebuilding and the protection of human rights. This is what we have been doing for several years of our existence.

“We are writing to throw our weight behind the socio-cultural group of the top of Igbo, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, due to the exclusion of Igbo from the southeast into the heads of new services, which is a gross violation of federal principles and a clear bias against Igbos.

We call on the National Assembly, as the representative of the people, to prevail over the President to correct this gross injustice by reconsidering the appointments in the interests of justice and national unity. “

The group said that while it believed that, in addition to competence, the president reserved the right to appoint military officers of his choice to the security management team, the omission of Igbo-born officers for two direct appointments was thus a clear case of bias against Igbo nations.

“While it is true that competence should be a criterion for naming this nature rather than ethnic considerations, we must say that true peace and reconciliation can only be achieved when there is justice and equality,” it was pointed out.

According to the group, “Igbo is the third largest tribe with qualified, competent and tested officers in all branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces.”

“We wonder why the Presidency did not look at itself and choose one of them in two consecutive times when it appointed the heads of services! What is really the sin of Igbos? Or are other tribes more Nigeria than others? He asked.

The rights group explained: “Our position is based on justice, fairness and fairness, and not on personal or sectoral feelings.”

He expressed concern that “If nothing is done to address the few injustices committed against Igbo and other regions, our corporate existence in Nigeria will have some question marks.”

“As a nation and a group that believes in the unity of Nigeria, we must speak out.

“The Southeast has been constantly marginalized at key meetings over time and there is an urgent need to address this immediately.

“The National Assembly must prevail over the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, President Muhammad Bukhari, to review the appointments of new service chiefs to reflect national unity by including Southeast officers in the composition.

“The appointment of Igbo as one of the heads of services will naturally give a large part of this country, not just Igbos, a full sense of justice and hope for a better Nigeria,” the group noted.

The group hailed the patriotic Nigerians as they stood up in defense of the criticism, saying developments were an indication that many Nigerians had risen above selfish interests.

“We would like to commend other patriotic Nigerians who have supported this call to reconsider the composition of the heads of services. Patriotic Nigerians across the entire region of our country have stood up in defense of this noble calling. It really shows that we have honest and fair Nigerians from all parts of the country. We believe that we are better together in this way “, added the group.

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