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The Nigerian military has handed over to Nigerian police for prosecution four suspected criminals arrested by members of the state security department of Cross River Akpakwu.

The suspects are Micah Edet, Bassey Udoh, Emmanuel Bassey and Peter Aubrey.

Edet, Udoh and Bassey were arrested by members of the NSCDC at Akpakw on February 8, 2021 for robbing a Mr. Akana from the sun of # 25,000, while Aubrey and five others were arrested with a locally made gun on a rubber plantation in Biase, the area of ​​the local government of Biase in the state of Cross River.

While handing over the suspects to the police, the commander of the 13th Nigerian Army Brigade, Brigadier General MA Abdullahi, represented by Major SN Ikpeme, said the arrest followed in the footsteps of eight suspects.

“The suspects robbed one Mr. Akan Udoh in the amount of 25,000.00. During the investigation, it was discovered that it was confirmed that the compound in question was a black spot of an abandoned structure on which criminals sleep at night, ”he said.

“Peter Aubrey, 25, was also arrested on January 13, 2021 at the Ibiae Rubber plantation with a locally made gun while trying to steal palm fruit from the plantation,” he said, adding that the suspects were handed over to the police command for further investigation and prosecution.

One of the suspects, Peter Aubrey, said that he was not aware that he was going to the plantation because of the robbery, and he only followed his friend there.

Aubrey said: “My friend asked me to follow him to bring something he kept and on our way he gave me this locally made gun.

“I asked him what he wanted to use this for, and he said just hold it for me; when we got there, we did not see the bang and an army unknown to us in the company ambushed us and caught me in the process while my friend escaped.

“By profession I’m a okade rider and I don’t know why he asked me to hold his gun.”

It was learned that the Nigerian military had also uncovered a black spot for criminals in the state.

The site is an abandoned building along Parliament Road in Calabar municipality, where criminals sleep at night.