Gunmen “set fire to a police van”, kidnapped a businessman in Cannes

Unidentified gunmen abducted Abdullahi Kalos, a businessman, in the town of Minjibir, 34 kilometers from the metropolis of Kano, on Wednesday.

According to eyewitness statements, who said he was not anonymous, armed men attacked the private residence of the businessman on Wednesday morning around 1 am.

The attackers, who are said to have 12 armed attacks, allegedly came in a white Hilux van, two saloon cars and four motorcycles and forcibly took the businessman away.

Kalos is reportedly a popular distributor of electronic devices at the Sabon Gari market in the state of Kano.

“We noticed that the kidnappers parked their vehicles at a distance and came to the businessman’s residence. They sporadically fired into the air to scare people. No one slept from that morning until dawn, “said a resident who witnessed the abduction.

“However, a few minutes after finding the man’s residence, they took him away.”

Meanwhile, it was also said that the gunmen burned a police van that was located in front of the business residence after they overpowered the security officers in that area.

Abdullahi Kiyawa, a police spokesman in Cannes, confirmed the incident.

Kiyawa, however, told TheCable that he was still collecting details of the incident.

The incident happened hours after the abduction of a breastfeeding mother and her baby, as well as the murder of a vigil in the town of Falgore, in the local government of Rogo in the state of Kano, on Tuesday.