Governor Ogun is today hosting five northern governments over a cattle attack

Ogun Governor Dapo Abiodun has revealed that five northern governors will hold a security meeting with him in Abeokuta today (Tuesday).

The governor said this Monday as he led security chiefs and some members of the state executive council to some areas in the state that witnessed the killings of cattle ranchers.

Abiodun, who addressed some of the damaged villagers in Oja-Odan, hurriedly calmed them down during development.

He later visited Igbooro, where three people were killed and nine injured in an attack on Sunday night, Punch reports.

Some of the areas attacked by Fulani herders are Eggua, Ketu, Igbooro, Iselu, Agbon-Ojodu, Asa, Ibeku, Imeko and Oja-Odan.

As he spoke at a meeting with five northern governors, the governor did not mention the names of his colleagues he would meet with, but said they were from the Fulani extraction.

Abiodun said that all relevant groups will be represented, which will chart the way forward in the security situation of the country.

He said, “I convened a stakeholder meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) with my fellow governors, who are Fulani and have people here.

“Five governors are coming to Abeokut from the northern states. We will invite some of you to a meeting to discuss the issue.”

The government said the agenda of the meeting with the northern governors was to chart a path towards ethnic issues.

Governor-General Kunle Somorin’s press secretary said that on Monday, talking to our correspondent about the agenda of the meeting.

Somorin said, “The stakeholder meeting is a trust-building engagement and conflict management mechanism adopted by the state government to ensure that people of different ethnic backgrounds live together in peace and harmony.

“All stakeholders are expected to file their complaints, if any, on bloodthirsty orgy solutions among people who have had a pattern of conflict management and peaceful coexistence for centuries.”

As for security measures, the governor said he would hand over some safety vehicles and engines to a special task force he set up for Yew Zealand on Tuesday.

He said, “The delegation I sent told me what they saw. They said a lot of things happened and as they reported what they saw, we heard that another attack had taken place.

“I called a safety meeting this morning. And before yesterday, I set up a task force and bought new vehicles and engines to insure Yewland.

“The working group consists of the police, soldiers, Nigeria, the Security and Civil Protection Corps and hunters to help us with security in your area.

“Tomorrow, by the grace of God, all new vehicles and motorcycles will be released. A task force will be housed here; they will not just patrol your areas and return to Abeokut.”

He also promised to pay hospital bills to those injured by the shepherds.

He also pledged to help those who lost property during the attack mitigate the effects of their losses.