Governor Abdulrazaq visited the site of the Jebba fuel tank fire

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq on Thursday visited the site of the fire at the site of the Jebba fuel tank fire, describing it as “painful”.

“The incident is very disturbing and we went down to see the scale of the destruction. That’s more than we thought.

“Hell has swallowed many houses, it has affected about 43 houses,” Governor Abdulrazaq told reporters after the investigation.

DAILY POST reminds that a gas tanker traveling through the ancient city of Jebba in the state of Moreau, on Wednesday morning, lost control, exploded and crashed into buildings, killing many people and setting fire to buildings.

Governor Abdulrazaq, accompanied by top state officials, promised that the government would come to the aid of the victims within the available resources.

He has already instructed the state emergency management agency, SEMA, to check and document the losses.

Governor Abdulrazaq said “we just need to come to the aid of our people who have lost property, some people have lost their lives, let their souls rest in peace.”

He also praised the federal government for infrastructure projects located in the state, especially for the dredging of the Niger River and the timely completion of ongoing federal road projects.