Governments to Meet Southwest Development Commission Bill – Akeredolu – Punch Newspapers

Peter Dada, Akure

The chairman of the Southwest Governors’ Forum, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, received a memorandum on Thursday establishing a Southwest Development Commission.

Akeredolu, who is also the governor of Ondo state, said all governors in the region would meet and forward the memorandum to the National Assembly to help with ongoing work on the SWDC law.

The Governor, who received the report by the Chairman of the Technical Committee and Chief of Staff of the Governor of Osun, Dr. Charles Akinola, praised the report’s efforts to compile the report.

He explained that at the level of the Governors’ Forum, prominent issues such as the seat of the commission and others will be carefully studied and considered.

Regarding the membership of the State of Ondo in the SWDC and the Niger Delta Development Commission initiated by the committee, Akeredolu said: “You have raised the issue of the State of Ondo and the NDDC. I assure you; The state of Ondo is part of the southwest. You can’t exclude Ondo from the southwest. This is about our region, not the state of Ondo, which already belongs to another commission like the NDDC. ”

Presenting the report, dr. Aquinola explained that the memorandum was made up of an extended report that considered various provisions of the law for the proposed Southwest Development Commission and the observations and comments made around it.

He said, “What we are presenting today (Thursday) is a joint memorandum which is a resolution adopted by all members of the technical committee as a result of this committee’s consideration for future consideration at your level as governor.”

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