Gov Okowa writes a protest letter to Bukhari over Ibori’s booty

Nathan and Rebecca Sharibu, parents of the abandoned Dapchi Christian Schoolgirl, Leah, described her continued detention in Boko Haram as “a very great disgrace to General Bukhari and his entire government.”

A U.S.-Nigerian legal group recently revealed that a teenager gave birth to her second child in captivity, adding that the young girl may have had both children under the age of 2020.

However, her parents said that no matter how many children they had, they were willing to accept their daughter in any condition.

According to grieving parents, Bukhari and his government failed Leah, begging those in power to accept the U.S. offer of help to ensure her release.

The parents’ statement was signed by their spokeswoman dr. Gloria Puldu, where they demanded that President Buhari return their daughter with or without children.

The statement reads in part: “The morning of March 23 was another very difficult day as we woke up to very sad and shocking rumors that Lea Sharibu, who has been in captivity for another three years, gave birth to her second child in captivity.

“It is a great shame for General Buhari and his entire government. He left this little child in captivity.

“Two weeks ago, Nathan and Rebecca called on him to use the current negotiators used by his government, who successfully negotiated and secured the release of most, if not all, 300 Muslim Kankars from Katsina in December 2020, just six days after their abduction.

“In February 2021, they also negotiated and secured the release of about 27 schoolchildren from Kagara in the state of Niger and 317 schoolgirls from Yangebe in Zamfari, all of whom were released within a few days of the abduction.

“Nigeria has failed Leah Sharib terribly, which is a great pity. Nations around the world value their citizens and will do their best to save their adult citizens, let alone children, but the Bukhari administration has left Leah Sharib a lonely Christian girl for more than three years in captivity.

“The same administration left the remaining 112 Chibok girls for almost seven years. Nigerians recently saw the U.S. government rescue one of its citizens who was abducted in the Republic of Niger but transported to Nigeria (another sovereign state).

“However, Lea, a minor, was abandoned and forgotten by her government. We know that the US government has recently offered to help Nigeria fight insecurity if the Nigerian government asks for its help. “