Google wins design patents for Amazon Halo-Style Fitness Band and future Pixel phone with no visible hole in front camera

In August, Apple released a report titled “Amazon is entering the smart health and fitness market to take over the Apple Watch with a Halo device and annual membership.” In addition to promotional prices, by 2021, Halo’s retail price will be $ 99 + $ 4 monthly membership.

2 amazo halo fitness band + service

As Google gets the green light to acquire Fitbit in Europe, Google will have a line of fitness bands at a regular price between $ 99 and $ 219. This could motivate Apple to enter this market at some point. Apple received a patent in June for a device similar to a fitness tracker.

3 Apple patent for fitness band granted in June 2020

Earlier this month, Google received a design patent D904,920 called “Fitness Tracking Bracelet”. It was originally filed more than a year before Amazon’s Halo hit the market. So they are not copying Amazon’s Halo because they have noted that they have a similar style of fitness tracker reported to the U.S. Patent Office. Some key design patent information from Google’s design patent is presented below.

4 Google is designing patent data for a fitness band near the Amazon halo

Whether Google will accelerate their patented fitness band or abandon it due to the purchase of Fitbit is not yet known. However, Google has the financial power to afford to put together a “fitness program” with their device that could match Amazon’s Halo or Apple’s Fitness +. It’s a trend that almost requires Google to adopt their patented fitness band.

Google’s design patent: the future Pixel phone

At the top of the month, Google received a series of four design patents covering a possible future Pixel smartphone that won’t have a camera opening on the side. Below the screen is a microphone slot, but there are no holes on the camera, as evidenced by the patent images below. None of the four design patents illustrate the opening on the side of the camera.

5 Google's design patent for a possible future Pixel phone without a hole in the camera on the face

The images presented above are from Google’s design patent D903,618. The remaining three design patents, although slightly different, cover the joint design. Other design patents can be found under numbers D903,619, D903,620 and D903,622.

Last month, Apple patented Samsung and China’s Xiaomi, which plans to release next-generation smartphones with side cameras under the screen in 2021. So Google’s design patents are in line with this trend.

6 iPhone has no commas

Last January, we released a report titled “Apple’s supplier is now providing a sensor breakthrough that will completely eliminate the nasty notch on the iPhone.”

This is the goal of most smartphone manufacturers who know that consumers generally do not like notches on the camera, or even holes on the camera. Apple is likely to follow this trend. It’s just a matter of time to market.

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