Google Stadium could soon get touch screen controls on Android

Google seems to be testing the touch screen controls for Stadia on Android. 9to5Google analyzed the latest edition of Stadio on Android and found multiple references to the “direct touch” function. Once enabled, direct touch will allow Stadium users to tap, drag and drop items in games or continue using a Bluetooth or USB controller.

It is not yet clear which games will support direct touch, although Stadia currently has very limited support for touch screen controls in games such as Monopoly which allow users to turn on touch mode. This new direct touch feature has only been revealed in the Android version of the Stadium, but hopefully it will make its way to the web version for iOS as well.

Google hasn’t officially touched the Stage directly in detail, so we don’t yet know how touch controls will be supported. Microsoft’s xCloud game transfer service has implemented a range of touch controls in more than 20 games, allowing Xbox players to enjoy games without a controller.

It seems that Google is also preparing support for Android TV for the Stadium. 9to5Google notes that there are explicit references to Android TV in this latest Stadia update. The stadium was launched on Chromecast Ultra devices, but support for Android TV has been lacking since its debut more than a year ago.