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Hong Kong search: search for five attackers across the city after a former village head was killed in a daily knife-and-ax attack

A former Hong Kong village head was killed on Tuesday in an apparently well-organized knife attack at a tombstone factory in the New Territories, sparking a search for a gang that was involved throughout the city. Detectives also investigated whether the gang used a GPS tracker to locate the victim, Pang Yuk-wang, 57, before sending four perpetrators to launch the 10-second attack. A police source said that security camera footage showed a man, dressed in black, removing an object from the bottom of the victim’s car as four culprits ran out of the factory office after the attack. Pang’s car was parked in front of the attacker’s vehicle. Find out the latest insights and analyzes from our Global Impact newsletter about great stories from China. “It is possible that the man was part of a gang. We suspect he removed a GPS tracking device from the victim’s vehicle, ”the source said, adding that further investigations are needed to confirm this. Police were called around 11:47 a.m. as the attack took place on Wo Hing Road outside Wo Hop Shek village in Fanling. A man found guilty of killing a girl by stabbing her 33 times with a chef’s knife. The footage shows a gang arriving at the factory in a black seven-seater vehicle, and four men, wearing surgical masks and black clothes, jumped out and stormed the office. One of them stumbled outside. Pang was working at the factory he operated at the time of the attack, police said. Shortly after entering the factory, the gang ran and rushed to their vehicle, driven by a fifth suspect. The man thought to have removed the tracking device fled in the other direction. “Upon the arrival of emergency personnel, the victim was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood,” a police spokesman said. Pang was transferred to the northern district hospital. , where he was certified dead shortly after 12:30 p.m. The attackers were thought to be between the ages of 20 and 30. One of the callers who raised the alarm told police the attackers were carrying axes and knives. The ‘bizarre murder’ of a Hong Kong schoolgirl whose body was stuffed in a TV boxPolice launched a search, but there were no arrests.Pang was a representative of Wo Hop Shek village from 2015 to 2019. The Post learned that he was the victim of two attacks in the last two At a news briefing Tuesday night, Chief Inspector Jonathan Kwan Chun-hin of the North New Territories Regional Crime Unit said the victim worked at the factory, for which he claimed responsibility, at the time of the attack, which lasted about 10 seconds. the victim’s past and whether the attack would involve triad gangs will be guidelines for the investigation, Kwan said, adding that Pang’s main activity was carving tombstones in nearby cemeteries, but investigators needed to investigate whether he also provided other funeral services. “Police are launching a multi-directional investigation, which will cover the personal past of the deceased, possible business disputes, land interests and human relations Asked if the attack involved the use of GPS devices, Kwan said police have not yet investigated further. Kwan has called on anyone with information to call investigators at 3661 3360. This article Hong Kong: Hunting for Hong Kong: search for five attackers in the city after a former village chief killed in a daily knife attack, axes first appeared on South China Morning PostFor the latest news from the South China Morning Post, download our mobile app. Copyright 2020.