Google redesigns Mobile Search to make reading easier and allow users to better focus on information / Digital World

Google has started rolling out a new design for Search on mobile apps for Android and iOS. The new changes are quite subtle, but scary because Google is trying to fit colors and themes to design in such a way that users may find it easier to focus on information, instead of being distracted by other elements.

First, Google used its original Google Sans Font in bolder size and weight in most places, which looks good and is easy on the eyes of the reader. This also allows the reader to quickly and easily scan relevant information.

Currently, when you search for a query, the results are displayed on separate tabs. This remains unchanged in the new design; however, the results spread more from left to right and Google has made them look better organized than before. The overall look is less cluttered and makes it easier for readers to quickly review through online results.

Another significant change that has been noticed is the visually elevated search box which makes it more prominent compared to the Google logo and avatar of the user profile.

Previously, the search bar had light gray outlines. However, with this slight elevation, there now seems to be no need to distinguish colors between fields.

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Search filters that were once capitalized now have a normal uppercase letter of only the first alphabet.

Earlier, when a search was performed, for example, for a TV show or a movie or an animal – the result would show a knowledge board that would be quite recognizable by a large header and would include name, category and carousel. in connection with that inquiry. This whole board of knowledge would be brightly colored to stand out.

Now, however, this large knowledge panel is connected to the entire information section and image gallery with rounded corners, making it visually easier to read.

As per Google, it has tried to use colors in this new design that can intentionally direct readers towards relevant information that is important and should not be missed while being distracted by side elements. Instead of using shades and lighter shades, Google has chosen full background colors to help readers focus on the content without any difficulty.

This new design has been launched for mobile apps on the web, Android and iOS Google and is likely to be unveiled in the next few days.

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