Google may be working on a Pixel phone with a camera below the screen

Google’s patent patents suggest that future Pixel smartphones will have a front camera under the screen, reports Patent Apple (way TechRadar).

Although the documents do not explicitly mention the camera below the screen, the accompanying images show a phone that has a front screen. This implies that Google is experimenting with the idea.

ZTE has already released a smartphone with a front shooter under the screen, and Xiaomi and OPPO have demonstrated their prototypes. The The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is likely to arrive in the second half of 2021, is also expected to feature the technology. Huawei also has has confirmed that it plans to release a camera phone under the screen in the future.
Can Google plan to join the next generation trend with Pixel 6? Well, it’s hard to say based on this patent, but it seems very unlikely.

Cameras under the panel are prone to light transmission problems, and this could affect image quality. Screen glare could be another problem due to the difference between the pixels per inch (PPI) of the sensor surface and the rest of the screen.

ZTE’s Axon 20 5G is a visual representation of these fears. The performance of his selfie camera is objectively inferior to conventional recorders, and the camera area is also quite visible.

How much is it worth, The sketches in the images that have recently appeared show a Pixel smartphone devoid of any cutouts or notches, which encourages rumors that a phone with a selfie snapper underneath the base is in preparation.

What can we expect from the Pixel 6?

It’s too early to say, given that Google is releasing its flagship phones in the second half of the year. However, there is little chance that the next flagship model will be introduced March 2021. Nonetheless, so far we know nothing about Google’s next smartphone other than it could contain its own chipset.