Google ‘leaks’ to the upcoming Pixel Buds A

Google may have inadvertently unveiled its upcoming next-generation headset called Pixel Buds A after emailing Google Nest accounts revealed a small image showing some of the device’s features. Pixel buds The photo showed the dark green color of the device, although we know of a variant of white. The email, first noticed by 9to5Google, contained some specifications of Google Pixel Buds A and a link to the Google Store where the earrings are listed under Accessories.

Prior to that, the device appeared on the FCC website as a new device similar to Pixel Buds for certification. The FCC list showed two devices with model numbers GPQY2 and G7YPJ and indicated the upcoming launch of next-generation headphones, which followed the pattern that governed the list of current Google headphones.

The two model numbers probably represent the left and right handsets of the same device. The FCC list is also under Weifang Goertek Electronics, although the naming pattern bears great resemblance to Google devices. Weifang Goertek Electronics is also affiliated with the current FCC list of Google Pixel Buds.

The dimensions of the device given in the FCC documentation have interesting similarities with the current Pixel Buds. However, we expect Google to apply current technology to provide solutions to the practical shortcomings of current Pixel Buds. Pixel Buds users have often reported disconnection issues, and the higher output power associated with an oncoming device should be able to resolve frequent disconnection issues.

Google Pixel Buds A
Google Pixel Buds A

Email to Nest accounts has also revealed an upgrade to the Nest Hub that includes some new features like voice photo sharing, smart device controls and several other add-ons. Google has not yet commented on the issue.