Google had to fix the broken game of the Stadium after the release of its developer

Weeks after the game developer was fired, Google corrected a critical bug Journey to Savage Planet at the Stage. According to some, the game was unavailable to some on the streaming platform Eurogamer, because it froze on the main menu (although it worked when Engadget tested the problem). It arrived at the Stadium in early February as a free program for Stadia Pro subscribers.

Redditor sounded the alarm over the problem the day after Google said it would shut down internal studies for the development of the Stadium games and complete the production of its independent titles. He bought it Journey to Savage Planet programmer Typhoon Studios 2019 to strengthen the team.

Support for the Stadium told the redditor, in / lordubunt, that 505 Games would solve the problem. The publisher brought Journey to Savage Planet on other platforms, even though Google posted it on Stage. According to 505 Games, it couldn’t solve the problem because Google owns all the game code and data for the Stadium version.

A Stadium community manager named Grace responded to Reddit’s topic Monday night. They apologized and said Google was “actively working with our partners to determine the update.”

The Stage team has since solved the problem. “Hello everyone, this issue should be resolved now,” Grace wrote in another thread on Tuesday at 11:47 ET. “Thanks again for your patience and let us know if the problem persists.”

The incident was the latest case of turbulence at the Stage. Along with closing its own game development studios, the service is facing a class action lawsuit over claims that the games are not running in true 4K on the platform as promised.

Update 2/23 12:20 ET: Stadia dropped the patch to correct the mistake.